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  1. I figured out the problem. I was trying to print MakerGeek wax filament, which has a recommend temp of 150C. What I learned was any time the temperature was below 170C, the extruder stopped working. I set my temp to 175C and was able to print the wax filament, but as a result of the extra heat, I didn't have very good luck in the part not curling. Why did Ultimaker set the lower limit to 170C?
  2. After delaying a long time, I finally decided to upgrade to Cura 2.1.3 Problem is, now my extruder never works while printing, even on older Gcode files created with Cura 15. I can still move the material through the control menu on the Ultimaker, but as soon as a I pick a GCODE file, the extruder never works. It skips the purge that it used to do at the beginning and immediately jumps into the print, but nothing every is extruded. Please help Edit: I've done a factory reset (no change). I've tried older files created in Cura 15 and they no longer extrude as well. I've switched materials (
  3. Watching a video on you-tube for a guy I subscribe to "3D Printing Nerd". As he's touring a new warehouse for Color Fab filament, at the 2:05 mark and then again at the end, there is a machine that sort of looks like a wider Ultimaker up high on a shelf. The general construction looks similar to an Ultimaker and it appears to have a similar layout to the Ultimaker 2 front panel, including the tapered lower opening. BUT this machine is definitely wider and is missing the top support to the front cover. Think it could be the next Ultimaker?
  4. Is there another kit coming? One maybe without the Olsson block? I'm guessing there are lots of users who have already purchased this upgrade or got it with their machine. My interests are really with the feeder itself, and to some mild extent the fan shroud.
  5. Sorry, I'm not trying to change the topic, just giving another reason why someone would want to use USB over SD. But to your point, I have already complete removed the electronics board. I was able to get all the pieces out (at least I think), but still get the "Reading card..." and freeze. Everything works correctly until I try to access the SD card. I've also used compressed air from the backside to try to blow anything out toward the front with no luck. New cards go in and out of the slot without problem (ones I have used prior to the failure), but have the same result. I'm guessing eithe
  6. I have another reason to possibly NOT use the SD card for printing. This past weekend, the provided SD card from Ultimaker broke inside of the slot and jammed (the part that broke was the little teeth between the contact pads). Something happened while trying to get the SD card out and now it just "Reading Card...." and freezes. Customer support said a new front panel was likely necessary, so it's on it's way. Not how I wanted to spend that money (rather have saved it for the + kit), but I can't have a printer that just sits in the corner. Needless to say, I'll be investigating other options
  7. Some parts will be available as spare parts, like the PT100, heater cartridge and PTFE TFM coupler. But the entire extrusion upgrade pack won't be split up in feeder / printhead seperate packages. So let me make sure I completely understand... Olsson Block - Already got it (just not installed yet - Christmas present) Improved Shroud - Have a similar printed model Removal of spring - Have a similar printed model TPM coupler - Have a small supply of TFT coupler from gr8 Improved glass clips - ehh 35W heater - Already got it (just not installed yet - Christmas present) Improved PT100
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