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  1. Thank you Yellowshark, The atomic test solved the problem ! Now it works fine again. Because of running all night without material the printerhead was dirty.. I am playing with filaflex now: very difficult but after a while it went more or less acceptable. The same for PET..
  2. Thanks for you reaction Yellowshark, I use an Ultimaker2 without door. Ambient temperature is around 15° All settings are the same as before, I even restored the factory settings to be sure. I did not change any fan settings. Now I cleaned the printbed with dry paper, that was already better but still the object moved. The print bed temperature is 60° I do not use any adhesive or spray or tape yet since it worked fin without wit PLA on the glass plate. I calibrated the nozzle distance, that must be OK. I am going to try the Atomic Method. It is very well possible that carbonised material is left because the day before the printer kept printing all night without material... Thanks again. I will inform about the result. Kind regards Axel
  3. Hi, Could somebody give me a tip concerning PLA material that does not stick anymore on the heated printbed ? I printed a lot of things this month, but since yesterday each time the material comes loose from the printbed after a few time. I calibrated again, I returned also to the factory settings. The troubles began when the PLA filament got trapped and the printer printed all night without material... Is my printhead damaged by overheating ? Thanks in advance ! Idemaxel
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