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  1. Ah that can be because of the calibration method (A4 paper), I have very cheap paper, maybe its thinner... thanks for your help!
  2. As temperature I use 215 degrees of Celsius. The first layers look nice, but after a while (5mm or so) the bubbles appear. I will test soon!
  3. Hi guys, I'm pretty new at 3D printing. I've had some workshops for 3D printing and a friend of me asked me if I could build him a 3D printer (Ultimaker Original+). Yet it works, but after a while of printing, weird brown bubbles or something appear. They come most of the time when the filament gets pulled back to go to the second print (pictures are on the bottom). The brown plastic will become a bubble, the printer head will bump to the bubble every time and make the bubble even bigger, until it makes the printer to move the 3d print. Do you guys know why this is happening and how to get rid of it? Greetings, Xenoyx
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