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  1. I did a calculation, it gave me a deformation of 3mm at the end of the plate. Although i am unsure if that is appropriate/ legit. Would like to know if that is right. Rather, I am more interested in knowing the maximum weight it can handle.. THanks..
  2. WHAT WEIGHT, IS ULTIMAKER 2 PRINTBED ARRANGEMENT DESIGNED TO CARRY? To elaborate the question- Uktimker's build volume is over 200x200x200 cu.mm . with 100% infill that volume of ABS/PLA product would weigh about 8 to 9 kgs ( dsnsity of ABS is 1040 g/cm3). So, can the bed plate, which is a 4mm aluminium plate that acts as a cantilever plate, carry that much weight without being deformed?? ****Expecting an answer from an engineer/ULTIMAKER TEAM. You can mail me at : projectkvap@gmail.com THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  3. I was wondering what is the maximum size of an ABS product that can be printed with a 100%infill. A 200x200x200mm cube of ABS with 100% infill would weigh around 8kg. Can the heated bed upgrade kit take this much weight? Will the nema17 motor be able to handle this weight? Thanks in advance
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