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  1. I don't really expect it to reduce the noise that much. I know about computer hardware, and the few cases that can hardly reduce the noise use anti-noise foam. You know the foam with weird shapes to absorb (<=> not return) the noises Except that the case here (Desktop600 for example) is supposed to be sealed, so it's possible it reduces the noise thanks to that (the air isn't filtered with the outside, it's a closed cycle). I hope we will buy this but i'm afraid it will take too much time to build and send (a colleague read that it took them about 2 months, which is too long we need the printer earlier). The "small" version (Desktop600) seems big enough : And the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ full dimensions are 493 x 342 x 488mm Wait ... What ?! I'm confused ... (link : https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-2-plus/specifications)
  2. Very intersting ! Thank you very much, it seems very promising. I just hope it won't take 2 months to ship Thanks again, we're looking into that solution
  3. Thank you fore your answers guys. It seems, except for frederiekpascal with your Daikin air purifier and zoev89 with your tube+fan, no one have a solution to filter and catch the particles coming out from the 3D Printer :-( It's really a big problem for us, we need to buy something secure and certified :/ My colleagues are thinking about buying the makerbot replicator z18, which is sealed apparently. But damn i'd really prefer the ultimaker :s I need to find a solution, i'll keep you up to date
  4. Hi, thanks for your answers SandervG, thanks for moving the topic to a better place. We didn't even especially thought about temperature control, it was more about the potential fumes and particles that could come from the plastic melting. But it's true that it could also be an active cooling system, that changes the air for some fresh air. But no, i don't think you can control the temperature with these stuff, however you can place heating lights to heat things inside but that's obviously not something we're trying to do. So, we're just looking for something that can filter the air coming out from it, to make sure it won't intoxicate people in the office ^^ The problem is that it seems the whole top and front sides of the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ are open, you can't just place a tube going outside to escape the air and particles coming with it outside, that's why we were thinking about puting the whole printer inside a big box. Just like Robert did. IRobertI, thank you for showing your cabinet, it's really nice i love the idea. But yeah obviously, because it's closed and made out of wood/plywood, it makes sense that you get warm issues. We've read about the carbon filter on the ultimaker's website, somewhere. It's the cheapest way of filtering the air with the kind of particles coming out of the melting, but you have to change the filter regularly (i don't know how often). Your work is really nice and i'd love to make my own big box but we don't have the tools and time to do this ^^ But yeah, worst case scenario, i ask for some time and build my own too.
  5. Hi, We're going to buy a Ultimaker 2 Extended+ in the office i'm working at, and for safety issues we are looking at cases and ventilation systems. We're not even especially going to use some specific plastic, just the basic PLA so it shouldn't be an issue, but because it's inside the office we're working in all day long, we need to make sure it's safe. So we're looking for stuff like Growing Room with a ventilation system and carbon filter, someone told us that this is what we need. Something like that : But I can't really find something with the ventilation and filter systems, and i don't really know what to chose (to put the 3D printer inside). Have you already done this? Do you recommend some products or type of products ? Thanks in advance, have a good day !
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