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  1. apparently the filament I used that was delivered with the printer gets stuck sometimes. After using 2.85mm filament it printed with no issues whatsoever. Does anyone else have troubles with ultimaker 2+ and the grey filament that was included?
  2. Hello all, I read through a couple of the forums here, waw this sure is a community! I just bought an Ultimaker 2+ but ran into a little hiccup. I unpacked it, did a factory reset, leveled it. Fed it the grey PLA that was delivered with it and started to print the little cube-puzzle that was pre-installed on the SD card. The first two parts of the cube it did wonderfully. I have them on my desk now and the quality is amazing. At the third piece the nozzle suddenly stopped extruding. It was still moving as if it was printing but no PLA came out of the nozzle. Before I start fidgeting around I thought I'd ask for advice first.
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