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  1. I buy mine here http://spectrumstore.pl/. It has english in upper left corner. It looks fine to me and my UM2. Edit: check your shipping costs though.
  2. I wanted to print this Marvin thing we all know and love (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:215703) in ABS, which i loathe. I've had some partiall successes with ABS before (print went awesome untill it went loose and all over the place). I put BuildTak on the table which fixed the sticking issue just fine. UM2 standard ABS settings, no fan 0,1 layer height speed 40 at first ( I went down to 30 and 20 later) this happened: as you can see, layers stick to eachother no problem, but the overhang artefacts are killing me. does anybody know why this is happening and have a possible solu
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