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  1. Thanks Torgeir. What's a cone cut? Does it mean I can cut the shape and then apply the thread?
  2. I want to print a collar with a thread that follows through the chamfer as below. If I cut the thread and the add the chamfer I get the required end result. This is fine but I would like to add the chamfer first (so that I can use the chamfer as a cutting tool for the nut) and then add the thread. However, when I do it in the order of chamfer then thread I get this Note, the thread stops at the top of the chamfer which means the nut won't go on. Is there a way to get to what I want by adding the thread after the chamfer?
  3. Excellent, thanks! No more prints breaking at the weak points.
  4. Thanks. I've seen this video before and it looks like the solution but I can't quite understand how it's done. If I split my model into the parts that I want to have different infills, how do I lay them back together on the Cura buildplate? When I open a STL file in Cura it opens the model and puts it on edge anywhere on the buildplate. How can I align them all again?
  5. Using Cura 3.5.1 and Ultimaker 2+ After 5mm I want to change the infill density from 18% to 80% and then remain at 80% until the end of the print. Can this be done?
  6. Thanks, got that now but it doesn't let me change the infill - I thought it did but my memory failed me. I found this uTube link yesterday, https://youtu.be/DGso6sAIXb0, which seems to describe the method to do what I want but I can't quite grasp how to get the separate .stl files of the hexagon example back together on the Cura build plate. When I open them they end up on edge and I can't see a way of putting them back together accurately.
  7. Didn't there used to be a plugin called TweakAtZ ?
  8. For the top 2mm of my print I need extra detail and strength so I would like to pause the print to change the nozzle and infill. Can this be done with Cura 3.4.1?
  9. I successfully printed V1 of my project today but when I came to print V2, the print started OK but then the filament feed stopped. On closer inspection it seems that the hot end is no longer very hot. When I select the maintenance option and set the nozzle temperature to 250 degC it reports that it's at temp but when I measure the nozzle with a temperature gun it's only about 30degC. Something has failed here but I don't know what. Can anyone advise please? It's an Ultimaker 2+
  10. I'd like a sketch word to follow the line of a sketch circle which I can then extrude. Anyone know if it's possible in Fusion 360?
  11. Using Fusion360, how can I create text that follows the circumference of a circle?
  12. I'm having a few problems getting the two prints to line up. I'm making a speedometer for a child's toy car and I've managed to print the numbers and gradations in white and then print the background in black and it looks good. However, they don't line up even though I told Cura to centre the print each time. I print the numbers in white with a 0.25 nozzle then change to a 0.4mm nozzle while swapping the filament to black. That shouldn't confuse it should it?
  13. I've just come back to this and thought I'd give it another try now that I'm a bit more experienced with the Ultimaker. However, I still can't get to grips with this one. So I create my lettering in Fusion360 and extrude the letters to 0.2mm. I then create the base for them and set Cura with a bottom layer of 0.3mm and print it as separate job. If that's correct so far, what I can't work out is how to get Cura 2.1.3 to print the second job in exactly the right place. I must be missing something I think.
  14. Before I upgraded to Cura 2.1.3 (from 15.something), when I clicked the "Make" button and sent the output directly to Cura it would start Cura if it wasn't already running. If it was already running then it would add the print to bed. At 2.1.3 all that seems to have changed. If Cura is already running, Fusion360 fires up another instance. Is there a config setting to stop it doing this?
  15. I'm using Cura 15.04.6 to print a cylinder which has a threaded post at the top. Apart from the threaded post, the density is fine at 20% or so but the threaded post at the top needs to be much denser to give it strength. Does anyone know how this could be done?
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