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  1. After almost three years i'am still enjoying the mark2 upgrade of the UM 2+.

    Recently I'am looking into laser cutters but due to the lack of space I thought to use the Ultimaker also for this purpose. 

    I know there are some hacks to make the Ultimaker into a laser cutter (e.g. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3022126), but I was wondering if somebody already tried it with the magnetic printhead concept of the mark2? So that you do not have to rebuild the complete printing head but have the laser available at the left corner of your machine?



  2. 1 hour ago, bob-hepple said:



    I like your setup it looks clean.. have been working on reel holder before going to calibration,  I have noted your problems and hope I don't get the same, My power supply is very new so hopefully should be fine good luck with your prints how are you getting on with cura???

    Hi Bob,


    Thnx, I put the feeder on the right which made it possible to put the steppenmoter inside the UM and it provides easy acces for changing fillement. I wanted it to be compact because I use the machine in the Ikea fabrikor cabinet. An UM fits perfectly in this (http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/catalog/products/20242277/), you only have to change the fillament rol to the bottom instead of the back. 


    And yes Cura 3.0.4 seems to work well, I will test it more thoroughly in the upcoming Christmas holiday's with more materials etc.


  3. On 19-12-2017 at 10:41 AM, TheFox said:

    I had this issue too...


    i changed my power budget to 100W/180W/80W/80W to get it to work.

    In the end, i got a new PSU and used the original values.

    Some users switched to another PSU with higher wattage, but had to make a new plug.



    Thnx, these settings did work for my UM also. But like you recommended I also ordered a new PSU today just to be sure. 

  4. Thnx, Foehnsturm, I think the setup with the power adjustment is working just fine see my printed cone ;-)) Thnx for this great hack!


    I was wondering, printing in the mark2 setup reduces the building platform a bit.

    How can I use the full platform when using one extruder. Can I just switch in Cura to UM 2+ and make a file, and switch the UM to one extruder mode with the mark2 firmware? Or is the full building platform no option anymore with the mark2 setup? 



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  5. Hi Bob,


    I made the upgrade, it looks cool but Yes I encountered some issues. The main one is that the machine reboots (crashes) by itself during a printjob.I encountered this almost 8 time's during calibration.


    I was wondering if this is a common error? I have used the mark2 expansion board with the original Ultimaker extruder feeder upgrade on a ultimaker 2+ from 2015/2016


    Regards Joris 




  6. Hi Bob,

    I have printed my parts in octofiber carbon filament to comply with the heat. Looks nice. Currently I am waiting for the Mark2 Extension board kit to be delivered.

    But its still a bit awkward to do the install because my UM2+ is printing so nicely. I am a little bit worried to loose the precision it currently has after the install.


    I have just installed the files into Cura 3.1 and they are working I too have been installing the upgrade and just switched on for the first time and no fireworks ??? the calibration is next how did you get on with the install ??

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