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  1. There was a shortage of nozzles at UM according to the store I bought it from, and accidentally sent the box with the missing nozzles, I'll receive a package with the nozzles next week! Resolved, thank you!
  2. Hiya guys, I bought a UM2+ last week, except I now notice I didn't get a nozzle set with it. I thought those were included in the 2+?
  3. I think the photo is just unfocused in combination with gluestick on the glass, making the surroundings seem blurry. Anyways, I adjusted the bed and now it's printing fine again, thank you! Haven't yet searched the clamp, but I will do soon. Thanks again!
  4. Even after the Atomic method and doing a factory reset I still get this result: https://www.dropbox.com/s/orp5981jnrsgogq/IMG_20160117_160120.jpg?dl=0
  5. Hello good people, Yesterday I received my Ultimaker 2+ and instantly started printing some models, they turned out pretty good, some minor faults, but easy to fix with some setting changes. I first placed it next to my laptop on my desk, but because of the hard noizes and vibrations I decided to make a table outside of my office. Today, I placed the UM2+ on the new table, took out the glassplate and cleaned off all glue residue under the sink, dried it really well and placed it back. Ofcourse I recalibrated the buildplate and started the first print of the day. Imediately I noticed that th
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