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  1. Fixed the issue. Was user error of course. I think I selected UM2+ in the cura selection of the machine I was using. The fix was to just go back into CURA -> Machine -> New Machine then selected just UltiMaker 2. Motor is turning proper way now and about to run a print to see if any damage was done to hot end.
  2. *Maybe sound warning I upgraded Cura from 15.06.02 to 15.04.4. While installing the latest version I selected Ultimaker 2 as my printer. It told me to update the firmware on my UM2 so I connected my USB to printer from PC and it did it. It reset all the defaults and when I was changing the filament usually the part where it heats up the hot end then reverses the material it heated the hot end then forwarded the material into the hot end making an awful noise and essentially jamming my material into the hot end. I reset the UM2 back to factory reset and it is still doing it.
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