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  1. Yh I will share a video when I attach the extruder.
  2. after some weeks of ups and downs my printer is almost complete now. I decided to give the coreXY gantry a try. It comes with some limitations especially since am using linear guide rails. It has reduced the build area(X and Y) quite a bit.[/media-thumb]
  3. Am using Solidworks 16 and it automatically deploys the Featuresworks as soon as step files are imported but it still wasn't helping, errors.
  4. Recently I have felt strongly that I need a 3D printer for most of my electronics projects but am only a student. I want to build the ultimaker 2 but the kit is not within my budget so I am trying to source the parts for my self and build based on the released files. However I am want to use a core XY movement because I am only limited to the arduino mega + ramps 1.4 electronics. I will also modify the files for the laser cutting of the aluminum composite. Is there something am missing guy? any suggestions?
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