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  1. Hello DidierKlein, great idea. Thanks! I tightened the small screws and it helped first very well, but 1 pulley seems like to have no tension. The screws are very tight and i cant perform more pressure on them... Could it be possible that this one rubber has any malfunction and has loosen its tension? I just bought the Ultimaker 5 Months ago... Greetings, Marci1111 Greetings,
  2. Hello Guys, since last year october i can call myself an "Ultimaker 2 Owner". The first printing results were perfect and i had a lot of fun with my new gadget. This january i changed the old nozzle and heat block combination to a changeable nozzle packet where i can chose between 0,25/0,4/0,6/0,8 mm nozzles. I installed the standart 0,4 mm nozzle, calibrated the ultimaker 2 and tested it. Settings: 0,4mm Nozzle 210°C Extruder Temp. 65°C Bed Temp. Standart Ultimaker 2 Filament (2,85mm) The first results were incredible good, perfect as always. The first print was the "Ultimaker 2 Robot" and the quality was fine. The secound print was this "8mm3" thing... The third thing was a bigger part, the bottom part for a Raspberry Pi Board... All the first prints were perfect and i was very luckily, but then something weird happend. I tried to print the top-part for my Raspberry Case and the result was horrible... 1st try: 2nd try: It looks like the printer had some problems with the axes, because on picture "1st try" you can clearly see a shift of one axis. On the picture "2nd try" it looks completly bad without any good reason. The first layers are always good, but after some sucessful printed layers the Ultimaker 2 starts to produce some bizarre results. Does anyone also have those problems? I appreciate every kind of help. Thank you. Greetings, marci1111
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