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  1. I guess I could do that. But I feel just a bit lazy when it comes to measuring stuff. Sadly I am in love with printing all things precision and voronoi so airflow is a bit important but you never know until you try ; )
  2. Thank you for those links. I have managed to just tape up the cover and its back to printing but I am a little worried about fire danger and what not. Do you know if there is a parts list for the printer online anywhere? It would be nice to know the proper names and dimensions for each part.
  3. Ultimaker 3 extended nozzle cover part broke off. Need help fixing it. Hello so my UM3 extended was printing just fine until the nozzle cover broke off and the plastic or rubber bit on the inside that holds nozzles split in two. I have gotten the cover back on but the nozzles have been having trouble with getting stuck or not retracting properly due to the damaged cover. Is there any way I can fix this? Or get replacement parts? Thank you for your time .
  4. So the grommet in my Ultimaker 2 plus seems to have worn down and now I believe this has been causing a lot of prints with skipped layers and under extrusion. Where can I find a replacement part and what are the grommet’s dimensions?
  5. I have not done that yet and was unaware that was a think. Thanks for the information.
  6. I do have the Olson block installed and I have cleared out all of the filament from the nozzle. I have also tried printing with the new nozzle and that did not help. I have cleaned out the feeder and checked all of the motors and they all seem to be working fine. How would I go about checking to see what temperatures the sensor is actually reading? And thank you for your time Nicolinux
  7. [/media][/media][/media] I have had my Ultimaker 2 since January and I have loved it but now out of the blue is has started over grinding filament and under extruding prints. I have done everything in online trouble shooting guide and nothing seems to be working. I have been printing with ultimaker brand filament. Here are some photos. The blue robot in the picture was printed before the problems started. I have printed with other colors of filament and the problem still persists so I know that there is nothing wrong with the spool. Could somebody please help? I am very clueless at this point oh also I have been printing at the ultimaker default settings for PLA. Thanks again.
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