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  1. Any ideas what could cause this? Using PLA.
  2. I am printing GCODE files from Simplify3D on my Ultimaker2+ (using Ultimaker 2 profile in Simplify3D). Printing generally works well, but I have some problems with retraction and blobs. I lowered the temp from 230 to 210 and changed extraction from 4mm to 5mm. Still I have some blobs. Below are the settings I use in Gcode. Can anyone recommend any changes? That would be awesome! ; printMaterial,PLA; printQuality,Medium; printExtruders,; extruderName,Primary Extruder; extruderToolheadNumber,0; extruderDiameter,0.4; extruderAutoWidth,0; extruderWidth,0.4; extrusionMultiplie
  3. So this is all good, but how exactly do I print via USB in Cura 15.04.4 (Windows)? I see no button or option...
  4. Where do you change the distance?
  5. We're talking about sending the file, via USB, to the SD card in the printer. Not sending it to the printer's memory. When it is completely uploaded to the SD card, it could then print normally, without having to move the SD card. The printer would just need some directory which it "watches", and when a file is completely on the SD, it could start printing. Would be a good addition and simple te execute.
  6. I don't know why you're saying that. If there is a connection failure, the file won't be written or will be corrupt. SD cards don't get "ruined" by anything like this, unless I am mistaken.
  7. I did the glass plate calibration of my new UM2+ . What do you think of this test print. Maybe the nozzle is too close to the glass, or is this fine? Also look at the inside of the boat. Click on an image for a larger version. Thanks.
  8. I don't think it's at all possible to do this. If it is possible, it will probably be very slow and will probably ruin your SD card in record time. Technically, it's possible. It won't ruin an SD card at all (one write of the file while sending, then one read of the file while printing). I suppose nobody has thought of it or everyone just likes swapping SD cards from computer to 3D printer ;-)
  9. OK, the microcontroller has a small buffer, but it's not very difficult to program Cura in such a way, that it FIRST sends the complete file via USB to the SD Card in the UM, and only after this the printing starts. Seems logical and simple to me... (but then again, I may be wrong)
  10. Why does the UM2+ do this on every print? Is this normal?
  11. You should have left the direct sales option. Once again, this is a bad decision. Probably just because you did not want to support your customers directly, a pity, for such a great brand.
  12. How can a "keypress" ruin a print? Where would you press the key?
  13. Does this work with UM2? Did you try it? How to set it up?
  14. Why is printing via USB such a pain or "not a good thing to do"? We're 2016 now, and the recommended way is to physically take a SD card, put a file on it, then put it in the printer. Why is that? It seems so old fashioned and not needed. USB (even 2.0) is fast enough to transfer a file - why can't 3D printers do it properly that way?
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