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  1. Thanks for the replies.. I'll change the bearings, hope it'll also fix the weird movement of the print head.. If that's not the case, well, then we'll see what we can do next:) In the meantime if you have any other opinions about the subject (the print head movement thing), please do inform me.. !! Thanks again
  2. I didn't think of a stepper motor problem.. That's much more serious than I thought if tah's the case :( But how I can make sure that's the problem, and ideas ?? I'll order some parts (including olsson block and stuff) and want to solve this problem while upgrading my machine.. The print quality isn't too bad though but looks like it will get worse and worse Thanks for the feedback
  3. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2 and it's getting old :(The print head has got a weird motion; while printing suddenly it speeds up for 3-4 seconds, and then goes back to normal as if there's a spring which releases it's tension suddenly.. Anyone has a similar problem before .?? And the noise from the Y axis, I think it comes from the ball bearing.. I need to change some parts probably but I want to be sure about this..! The first video is mostly about the weird movement (0:44 through 0:52 for example), and the second is for the noise... But you can see both problems on both videos actually
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