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  1. Hi everyone my group just picked up a new 2+ for prototyping mid size injection molded parts. Anyway we are experienced with 3D printers but new to the Ultimaker world. I have found the slicing done by Cura to be totally unacceptable no matter what we do with settings. It depends on the parts but is really seems to have trouble with parts that combine thin shells and thicker sections and it creates G code that is totally insane with random movements. I used Slic3r with my Makergear M2 and found it to produce much nicer parts so I am trying to get it running properly with the Ultimaker. I have put the two config files and some example photos in the linked folder. I think anyone should be able to view it. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw2GHQMfolqtaWRFNHh2N2lPY3M&usp=sharing The slic3r settings work better than Cura other than the total lack of top and bottom skins. I don't understand why it is doing this and it was never an issue with my M2. I have tried reducing the layer height to 0,1mm so it will have enough thickness to create the layers but this didn't make any difference, I also tried printing 100% infill which also did not help. I can't use the special thin wall functions as the whole part is not a single layer. thanks Luke
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