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  1. Well I've tried; ABS Juice, Glue, and Hairspray. When none of these worked, I then tried combinations .. still nothing. I had ordered some Ultimaker ABS and got that in today. I am printing with their ABS (White), default settings, and using hairspray and it appears to be working. The print has 5 minutes left and looks great. The IC3D ABS looks to a really nice filament, however, if you cannot get it to print it's useless. I contacted them yesterday, asking them for help, but have yet to hear back.
  2. I did contact fbrc8 and the immediately got me out a new bed and wiring harness ... very good people and great service !!
  3. I recently purchased the UM2 Ext+ I've tried every combination I can come up with, and every suggestion here, and yet every time I try to print ABS (IC3D) it comes up off the bed. it will typically stay stuck to the bed, but somewhere around 20 layers it starts coming up. I've ordered some Ultimaker ABS and I hope this works better. The IC3D ABS, from what I can tell is some quality filament, however, I cannot get it to work. Anyone else having such issues?
  4. I have the same error as above, however, I have the UM2 Extended+ ... it doesn't have just two wires, there are two gray and two black. It seems that the two black wires have come broken off, the metal is not showing, so I can only assume they've broken off. Since none of the pictures show the updated UM2 Ext+ I am not sure if all 4 wires must be attached and if the order of the two back is important, or how to determine. From a visual look it appears I can determine the order, but I'm not 100% sure. Help.....!!
  5. The one thing I've had, even after the Atomic pull, re-leveling the bed, was some strings on edges. I had no issues and suddenly some stringing issues. I increased the temperature by 5 degrees and that seem to help, but I can find nothing wrong. I'm actually printing out the Wind Turbine ... Kind of a break in the machine type project
  6. With all that I've been reading somehow I didn't see this thanks, -gary
  7. New to 3D Printing, but after many weeks of research I purchased the UML 2+ Exteneded. Received it yesterday and been printing since I have to say it is works as advertised ... Very nice printer. The quality of printing is awesome! The only issue I had was after using some IC 3D ABS it appeared to have clogged the extruder ... After a few minutes of heating and extruding I finally was able to clear up the problem and things are working well.
  8. It would be nice to have wider, but of all the printers I looked at the wider ones could not meet the quality of the UM2E+ ... The height which this printer can print to would match the wider beds. Also I would think you could layout your print (model) diagonally which would give you more space.
  9. Thanks for all the help and comments. This morning I ordered the Ultimaker 2 Extended+
  10. I guess the final question is ... is it worth the additional $500? What criteria would you use to determine which one? If you had a project that can be built in the Extended+, but must be broken up for the UM2+, is the work required to break it up that time consuming as to justify the difference? Since I've never owned a 3D printer I'm trying to get a handle on this. thanks, -gary
  11. I am purchasing my first 3D printer, and after months of research I've finally decided on purchasing the new UM2+. However, I cannot decide which model to purchase. The UM2+ or UM2 Extended+ From what I can tell the only difference is the additional height of the Extended model. Unless I am not getting it, you can still build the same items in both printers, you will just break it into smaller pieces in the UM2+. Is this assumption correct? I've also read some reviews on the UM2 Extended, older version, that it had some issues with the Extruder. From what I can tell both printers have t
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