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  1. IRobertI, The fans are set to be full on at 5mm height, which would be a gradual ramp from 0 as you point out. I guess I could test it, but I am worried that the fan may never come on for a long print job and I would have uneven/inadequate cooling resulting in a bad part.
  2. I just noticed that when my fans come on (the side fans that direct flow through their shrouds) only the right one turns on. If i blow gently from the top at the let one, it will start going as normal. They are set at 100% speed. Anyone else have this issue? I basically have to babysit the print until it gets to the level of [Fans ON] and then blow on the left fan. After that I don't have to worry about anything.
  3. Looks like textbook underextrusion to me. Might be traveling too fast while it is doing that infill for the nozzle to keep up with providing filament.
  4. Thanks Peggy! I think you're right that ultimately it doesn't matter since it will be hidden. I guess I was just being picky about part quality Appreciate your help!
  5. When I saw the title, I thought you had printed a stand to support an entire piano! Still, nice job.
  6. Dweldz - Thing looks great! I love the tip about printing in black and painting the brown over for a woodgrain look. Nice work!
  7. So this is normal? Is there a way to minimize it from happening?
  8. Hey all! Just got an Ultimaker 2 Extended + and I am noticing some little globbies that are happening around the infill ribs. Any ideas to eliminate them for a cleaner print? UM2E+ Cura 15.04.4 Layer = .1 Shell = .8 Retraction Enabled Bot/Top layer = 0.8 Fill = 20% Print Speed = 50 mm/s Brim Support Nozzle = 0.4mm Nozzle Temp = 210°C Buildplate Temp = 60°C Travel Speed = 150 mm/s Fans 100% after 5mm height Min layer time 5 sec Thanks for your help ahead of time!
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