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  1. I'm looking for a team that is interested in dual extrusion on UM2.

    To realize dual extrusion on this machine the team should have skills like:

    -programing firmware (using actually tinkergnome firmware)

    -Plugin for Cura

    -people testing the equipment.

    -CNC programing/milling ->that's me.

    Main issue in dual extrusion is oozing.

    To fight that problem I have created a tiny aluminium chiller and a new design for a really fast heater block.

    To prevent oozing it is necessary to decrease the temperature of the inactive tool by ~40°, depending on the filament you are using.

    In my design the aluminium chiller replaces the small fan , the cooling rib and the bottom hot end holder in the tool head (it makes no noise when idle:))

    At the beginning I made test with Olsson block and was disappointed because of long cool down and heat up times.

    In the next step I did a redesign of the Olsson block.

    1st: Having the extruded material exactly between heater cartridge an PT100 sensor.

    2nd: Reduce thermal mass.

    3rd: Reduce weight.

    Now I'm at a point where I need your help.

    The firmware of the printer needs to be improved.

    The way I would prefer is:

    add a new variable to the file "Material.txt" called "idle_temperature" this variable is stored with each material in the printers software. It should be possible to edit the value online.

    When printing a part and there is a tool change ahead, the printer should move to tool change position and heat up the new tool, cool down the inactive tool.


    G1 F900 X103.178 Y39.538 E193.22154

    G92 E0

    G10 S1 ;retract before tool change is already implemented

    G1 Z0.275

    T1 M6 ; M6 = move to tool change position -> heat up / cool down extruders

    G0 F9000 X75.509 Y72.471


    G1 Z0.200


    G1 F1200 X75.509 Y81.131 E0.69280

    G1 X66.849 Y81.131 E1.38560

    G1 X66.849 Y72.471 E2.07840

    If you are interested, I can provide you:

    -A set of heater blocks, replacing Olsson or standard heater block (without nozzles).

    -CNC milled dual head chiller. with 2 tube connectors 4mm

    -A light weight fan holder as stl file or printed in Polymaker PC-Plus /black .

    The cost for a set of heater blocks + water cooled chiller will be 120€.

    You need of course a second extruder with all parts leading to the tool head.

    A external 80mm aluminium chiller 12€

    A brushless water pump. 4€. IMG_8388.thumb.JPG.71ce82c6e37df5ef52c6aa22a486ae70.JPG

    Greetings Roland


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  2. I think Cura already does this automatically. The old cura has a pre and post hotend switch g-code bit where you can do these things.


    The point is l want to configure a position in x/y and temperature for inactive tool.

    When the tool change is performed the machine moves there, heats up the next tool head, waits for temperature reached and goes on printing. The inactive tool is cooling down (by 40 deg).

    If there is a possibility to configure that,

    Please tell me where it is.

    Thank you for your help.


  3. My question is:

    Is it actually possible to have a freely configurable tool change scrip in Cura?

    I'm running my UM2 with dual head.

    For tool change procedure I need to cool down inactive nozzle, and heat up the new one.

    Actually I'm using S3D because they have tool change script.

    I want this for Cura, is there anybody knowing how to?

    S3D tool change script

    {IF NEWTOOL=0}M104 S170 T1 ; set T1 inactive extruder to temperature-40 C

    {IF NEWTOOL=0}G1 X115 Y140 F5000

    {IF NEWTOOL=0}M109 S210 T0 ; set T0 new active extruder to temperature

    {IF NEWTOOL=1}M104 S170 T0 ; set T0 inactive extruder to temperature-40 C

    {IF NEWTOOL=1}G1 X115 Y140 F5000

    {IF NEWTOOL=1}M109 S210 T1 ; set T1 new active extruder to temperature


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