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  1. I've actually torn down the cross rods again. I also initially thought that there was slipping or motor skipping but I checked the motors movement by marking with a sharpie on the pulley. Belts, pulleys all came out fine, but the issue was after I replaced everything is that one of the replacement bearings I used was shot. It was missing an entire row of balls inside one of the tracks. Thank you guys again for your assistance and helping me nail down the issue. If it werent for trying ALL of your suggestions I couldn't have found the actual problem.
  2. Photos please. Also do you have an opaque color? Preferably not black or white but somewhere in between? Gray shows up details the best (or almost any color that isn't close to black or white). at the moment. I only have black, but I will get an image as soon as this next calibration cube is done. I ended up having to tighten a belt. Turns out it wasn't holding tension because one of the block clamps snapped in two. I've repaired it and doing a calibration test as I type. I'm guessing that one of the cats wanted to lay down on the build plate (checked and repaired) they got up off of it
  3. New rods finally came in the other day and I installed them with new bearings (thanks for the suggestion!) Still have an issue with layers shifting and definitely not the slicer becasue I have done 3 test cubes since installing the new rods and they have all come out differently. I'm currently taking a look at my belts again just to make sure that nothing's loose there. This machine has maybe 60hours of total print time on it so far so I don't think that any of other components are screwed up yet. I think there may be an issue on the print head as it does seem to give a little when i push it e
  4. I think I've found the problem. Even with the fan in place there's a faint squeak coming from the primer. They've been greased and everything. Then I looked at the rods thinking they could be bent. Looking at the hot end rods there are grooves from the bearings digging into them. I've got some replacement rods on order so I'll report back when I get them installed.
  5. Well the mod keeps the electronics just under room temp (which in my basement is about 55-60f) by about 2-4 degrees at any given time. As for the prints it didnt seem to help. I have yet to change any settings so the gcode should remain unchanged shouldnt it?
  6. I'd like to post the GCode, but i print via usb strait to the printer from Cura - im not sure how to post from there. as for the fan i've just done a pretty extreme mod, cutting a hole in the desk its on (no one sits at it) and mounting a 12v fan into it, replacing the small fan i had attached to the RAMPs board. it's set to pull air in and shoot it right at the electronics.
  7. UPDATE: Looking at the Layer view the stringing going on is coming directly from the toolpath of Cura. thanks for the heads up! Well... still have localized drift going on. Any ideas?
  8. thanks. changed out the ptfe before a print and it came out alright but it was a smaller print. as far as the coupler ive switched over to thermistors and a ramps board after my ultiboard blew out. i know they are less accurate, but the setup im running now is just cheaper for me to replace as i have tons of pcbs and access to free ramps. retraction is checked, and its 1.75 mm translucent pla from a cheap $20 usd 5 lbs roll. i have better filiment but i use this stuff for test prints and they come out alright. the layer problem does seem to sort itself out here and there, i kinda thoug
  9. alright, so ive been haveing a great time printing with my ultimaker original but there seems to be an issue where i think the rods are out of alignment. ive only been printing for about a month or so with this machine and while it can produce great prints, lately its been giving me prints that are drifting only on in the front (when facing the printer head on, z-axis is in the rear) of the printbed and to the left a bit. on smaller prints it doesn't seem to do anything, but the further out of the center of the machine it starts to go haywire. i've included pictures of a recent print. i'v
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