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  1. Why is the "new beta" being pushed silently? The version name is the same it's terrible to identify/debug/reproduce. Anyway, in the "new beta" (built Sept. 8 ) I can't Duplicate or Import materials, the buttons have silently disappeared! What happened? A serious bug forced you to disable them until further fix? I'm back on the "first beta" (built Aug 31) to enjoy creating new materials, and have no problem using them (OSX).
  2. Nope. Its a definition thing only. Ok, my actual problem is after rotating the view several times, there's no indicator to know which side of the print area/printer is front or back... If there's no way to add a custom texture, could you at least add a generic indicator so we know which side is which? This is due to our profile stack, which works as follows; user->quality_changes->quality->material->variant->definition We first ask if the top (user) has the setting value. If not, we continue down. So if the quality sets a value (say fan speed) and material sets it a
  3. Hey, I'm trying this new 2.3 and it looks so good! However it's not picking up my previous custom JSON printer profile, so I'm recreating it: 1. With the interface: pretty good! We can even change the start/end gcode inside the IDE <3 Is it possible to set a "platform_texture" in this inst.cfg file? 2. With JSON files... not that easy :( The files seem to be stored for OSX in Library/Application Support/Cura/ but I can't put any machine/definition JSON file there that is accepted. If I put one in Cura.app/.../definitions it's picked up correctly! Materials manager is awesome! I fou
  4. has the temperature settings of the parent Ultimaker profile an "uneditable" or "hidden" settings that overrides the material? I'm just guessing. The parent profile is fdmprinter.json, which doesn't seem to have these temperatures hidden or uneditable. I created a ticket: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/872
  5. Yes it shows the new "PLA Clear" file I added, but the temperatures don't change when I select it. I also tried to change the temperature of the app's pla.cfg but nothing changes.
  6. Thanks Marcus, the fix to copy fdmprinter.json into ~/.cura/machines worked to use my machine without messing in Cura.app's folder. Now I'm trying to change PLA/ABS temperatures or create new material profiles but they don't seem to be taken into account. I changed pla.cfg in Cura.app or created a new placlear.cfg in ~/.cura/machines but the temperatures don't change accordingly when I select them in Cura. I'm using: [settings]material_print_temperature = 211material_bed_temperature = 71 What's file structure/section names are you using? I'm not familiar with material.txt as I don'
  7. I know this "~/.cura/machines" folder and have talked about it in some previous comments here. The problem is that it doesn't work on OSX (Cura 2.1.2). The machines are seen in the list, it slices, I can click on "Save to File" and select an folder, but when clicking on "Save", this closes the popup and nothing happens. There's no usual popup saying "Open location" nor any gcode file written. I'm currently using my machine files in the Cura.app folder and this works well there.
  8. Yay for stable Cura 2.1.2! Good job! Which is the preferred way to submit bugs for 2.1.2? This thread? A new thread per bug? github?
  9. I have some issues with thin walls, they aren't sliced. I have 0.4mm walls with a 0.4mm nozzle but the slicer doesn't build them. Cura 15.04 was slicing almost ok (missing the first line) : The only way I can make Cura 2.1.1 slicing it correctly is by changing the Wall Line Width to < 0.4 (0.39). STL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7609632/print/JST%20XH%204%20pins.stl
  10. You're using an Ultimaker 2+, right? That has its own set of profiles, and it does not use the generic material profiles. This too is being reworked for future versions. No I'm using a RepRap (SmartrapCore) printer with a custom profile. Is it not possible to set the bed/material temperatures in those material files? I've set "material_bed_temperature" and "material_print_temperature" differently in profiles/materials/ but they are not taken into account in Cura. Actually I don't think any of the settings in the profiles/material/ files are read?
  11. More feedback: When saving to removable drive, would it be possible to clean the file name? I found that the Full Graphic Smart Controller can read a file with accent (in the list), but when asked to print... nothing! Example: "Pièce" doesn't work, but "Piece" works. The new TweakAtZ (5.0.1) is working (on Reprap printer)! However I loved how the old Cura was keeping the same settings when closing/reopening Cura. I have common changes (lower bed/nozzle temp after first layer) that I would like to keep. Ideally these 2 settings could be integrated into Cura itself, as it's very common to
  12. Thanks for the test, I was able to figure out the variable that makes it work or not. With "machine_gcode_flavor": { "default": "RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)" } it doesn't work and generates this error in Console: ERROR - Script raised the following exception 'bedTemp' But with "machine_gcode_flavor": { "default": "UltiGCode" } it works (seems to write the TweakAtZ changes) and generates another error in Console: ERROR - Script raised the following exception name 'speed' is not defined I'm not confident enough to print something using UltiGCode on a Reprap printer as i
  13. Today I tried my favorite plugin: TweakAtZ. Fortunately I checked the gcode before printing, because it doesn't work :( There's no changes in code, except one comment at the beginning: Is it working for anyone?
  14. Hi, I'm having a weird issue when changing the Infill Density to 100%, it updates the shell layers out of proportion:
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  16. So I tested Horizontal Expansion. With a value of -0.2 I can get very accurate holes, unfortunately it doesn't stop there. It also resizes all the walls (even external ones!) too :( I also noticed the infill doesn't seem to be resized so it's going over the edges (internally and externally).
  17. Would it be possible to offset the diameter of internal holes? It's a very common issue with all slicers, they tend to print smaller for various reasons. http://hydraraptor.blogspot.fr/2011/02/polyholes.html
  18. I think he's talking about a brim with multiple layers. I saw this option in S3D as well, it helps a lot getting the brim to stick for high temperature materials (I used it for ABS).
  19. Oh yes there's a new public beta! I was only looking at the private beta folder... Now I'll look at both. I don't find the new folding Cooling section logic as disabling the cooling fan hides the fan speed, but its value is still used?! To me hide=irrelevant/not used. About custom settings, if we use the same setting key in Material and Profile, which one will override the other?
  20. More feedback, about cooling: When I uncheck 'Enable Cooling Fan' I still have some M106 in the gcode, that apparently ramps the fan towards 'Fan Full on at Layer', which takes the 'Minimum Fan Speed' value. - if the "Enable Cooling Fan" is unchecked I expect the fan to stay off during the whole print (no M106). It seems this checkbox value is not used (fan always on). - if I set "Fan Full on at Layer" X, I expect it to use "Maximum Fan Speed" at layer X. It seems to be using "Minimum Fan Speed". The only way I found to completely disable the fan (without post processing the gcode) w
  21. Now I found other issues, probably real bugs this time I'm using the Pi build: 2.1.99-20160314. First bug: When I click on the "Save to File" button, it just shows a blank popup, not asking where to save. Clicking on the menu File->Save Selection/All it shows a browse popup but doesn't save a file (not found in the folder I selected). I added "file_formats": "text/x-gcode" to the JSON profile, and the "Save to File" button now shows a browsing dialog but still doesn't write a file. My printer profile is in "~/.cura/machines" but when I move it to the "Cura.app/Contents/Resources/cu
  22. I'm testing the recent builds but in all of them I can't set the printing and bed temperatures, the options are missing in the interface and greyed out in the preferences. Any reason for that? I removed my ~/.cura profile, created a new profile with default printer and it's still like this :( Something I'm missing? Edit: Actually I found my issue, by adding an official third party printer, the temperatures were there. I compared the JSONs and somehow my printer had a section with "overrides" for temperatures... I think I copied an Ultimaker profile JSON (the github wiki recommends t
  23. Thanks nallath and Labern for the constructive comments. I'm all for automatic settings but since we don't have a "strengthen the weak sections" option I'm searching for alternatives. Especially ones that could use free (as in beer) software. And arguments against S3D "unique features". I found that Slic3r can do even better with modifiers in this article: http://slic3r.org/blog/modifier-meshes Edit: to my surprise I discovered that Slic3r already uses more infill on weak sections!
  24. Thanks gr5. Hey I'm not sure if this was discussed before, but would it be possible with Cura to change the infill percentage at different height? I know TweakAtZ provides this sort of features but not for infill at my knowledge, maybe it's planned for the new Cura? I can see it very helpful to provide better strength on some part of the design without wasting too much plastic overall, and having quicker prints. I found this video that explains how it's useful with S3D:
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