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  1. I am running CURA 3.6.18 on Windows 10. I am trying to modify the bed temperature settings before exporting to gcode. In my interface under "Manage Profiles..." I am unable to modify the bed temperature even when I duplicate the profile. Is there another place on the GUI that I need to look for this?
  2. That seemed to allow the computer to connect to the printer. When I ran a print though something was wrong with the settings. It did not seem to be moving at the correct speed. Should I try to manipulate the expert settings? I am using a TAZ 5 and there is no profile for that model, only TAZ and TAZ mini.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will get to that tomorrow. Am I using the best version of Cura for my system?
  4. Installed Cura successfully and loaded model. When I open control it cannot connect to TAZ 5. Any known issues that might be the cause of this? or suggestions?
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