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  1. Hey do you guys know any good resources on 3d printing design? I’ve heard of the Pinshape guide and the 3ders guide - just wondering if there are any other good ones out there?
  2. Okay so this was the first thing I printed. I did get help from a intermediate 3d printer enthusiast so I can't take all the credit (Thanks Jacob!). Next time I want to print this on a RoVa4D 3D printer. Also please note this is NOT my design (I wish lol). I still have to up my design game. You can get the original file at Pinshape: https://pinshape.com/items/7478-3d-printed-tablet-stand Overall, I would rate this print 7/10 (The only issue I had was the tablet texture on the inside of the stand was quite rough and would require some sand paper work). Does it work though? Heck yeah!
  3. Awesome! I think this was featured on Popular Science, StudyPug and a couple other sites. Good stuff!
  4. folioholio


    Used tissue lol Yeah sometimes prints come out amazing our like total trash. Part of the 3d printing fun I guess
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