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  1. Hi, Is it possible to use the UMO amplifier bord (on the printhead) to connect the UM2 PT100 sensor to the UMO motherboard? Or do I need to buy a E3D amplifier? Thanks!
  2. So we have to replace the slider blocks to an smaller version? Is this design good for us? Is it possible to use these without the gray parts? And do you think we need to reposition the endstops? On the UM2, the 6mm rod hits the endstop...
  3. The Ultimaker Original has on all axes 2 endstops, So it's very easy to let the bed home at the bottem of the printer...
  4. There is no spacer on that pulley... You can just tight the pulley!
  5. Hi, On that pulley there is no black spacer. Are the pulleys on that rod fixed? If the dubble pulley isn't fixed, you can push the pulley to the frame and screw up the screws... Now the rod must be fixed and he isn't be able move anymore.
  6. Hi, That's an strange problem! You can always contact your local Ultimaker reseller to find an solution for that problem.
  7. Hi, Cool that you have an lasercutter! You can always visit an local FabLab. There are many lasercutters and 3d printers... In a FabLab there are enough suggestions on how you can combine the power of these two rapid prototyping machines! Here you can see all FabLabs around the world!
  8. Is this the same g-code that you print twice? If yes, I think the problem is in Cura... Try to unistall Cura and reinstall the newest Cura version...
  9. Over welke printer gaat het hier? De printkop gaat dus eerst naar zijn home positie zonder dat het bed naar benden beweegt? Ik zou allezinds eens proberen om de firmware opnieuw te installeren met behulp van de nieuwste Cura versie....
  10. Hi, Try to rotate the manual levelling screws, so the bed is completely down. Now restart auto levelling! That should help...
  11. Hi, I am trying to upgrade the UMO to an Mark 2 with 2 UM2 printheads. I have a friend which is very good in Arduino coding and he will translate the firmware so it will work with an Reprap Full Graphics LCD... If it works, we will publish it online!
  12. Hi, So the only thing I need to do is solder the new regulator? Nothing else? Fans, motors and other components get the same voltage as before? Thanks for the video!
  13. Is it possible to get the Marlin (Arduino) code of the Mark2 firmware?
  14. The main issue is that while it could be possible to use it, the firmware from @tinkergnome runs on the um2 oled display, so you would need the 100€ish display to make it work, also most probably the um2 board (but I think that could be work out). So, long story short, unless someone translates all tinkergnome firmware to the umo/reprap display, it would not be possible to use it atm without expending more money. I'm starting with the @gudo ZGEMark2 beta, but I'll use a Duet3D board that allows to semi-manually to do all the key stuff. And with an reprap full graphic smart controller?
  15. Hi, I have an old UMO with an old Ultimaker motherboard. I want to change the printhead to an printhead of an UM2 (Not 2+). That's possible I think? But, if it possible, I want to use 2 UM2 printheads and this great Mark 2 system... Is this possible with the old motherboard?
  16. Hi, I have cleaned my z-rod and I used the Tinkergnome firmware to run the PID setting. This helped a lot! Chek my new prints! (Green=> before / Gold => after) Thanks to make my Ultimaker back an Ultimaker!!
  17. It could be a problem with the cooling. My overhangs are also bad! But my fans are on when printing...
  18. Hi, I have the same problem. My prints are a little bit better but not awesome! How can I fix this? This print was made with 0.1mm layerhight...
  19. Geen idee meer, deze foto's zijn van vandaag, 0.15mm layerheight. Deze zijn oke maar niet perfect toch?
  20. Yes, But i speeded up the print a little bit... I think, it's an mechanical problem
  21. Hallo iedereen, Ik heb vandaag voor de eerste keer een 0.8mm nozzle gebruikt op mijn UM2E+ maar printje is niet zo goed gelukt: Iemand een idee wat het probleem kan zijn? Alvast bedankt!
  22. Hi, You can try to reinstall the firmware. That should help!
  23. Hi, You can try to remove the Cura software, and then go to the program files on your windows disk. There you can remove the Cura folder and try to reinstall Cura...
  24. Hi, Why you want to merge 3 parts? The UM3 can print in 2 different colors/materials. You can try to merge 2 parts in an other 3D program...
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