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  1. Are there any architects out there taking complex BIM models in Revitt or Microstation and quickly converting and simplifying them into STL's that are good to print. There seems to be a number of online site the claim to do it but none seem to work sucessfully. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nic
  2. Thanks Didier Public holiday here tomorrow so will try and upload another vid tomorrow
  3. Hi I have just bought an Ultimaker 2 Extended and I'm trying to print a shield on high quality. I've noticed that the bed is rattling when the UM2 is printing the honeycomb structure. It appears the nozzel is hitting the honeycomb and causing a vibration. When printing the edges and the detail there doesn't seem to be a problem. Any ideas what's causing the problem? Thanks Nic[media=10448][/media]
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