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  1. $1500ish Model roughly has 1 month of runtime. Comes with door so you can use ABS without having to worry about the ceiling fan and air currents prematurely cooling and ruining you models. Includes 1 new roll of filament. A few nozzles A 1.75mm Conversion nozzle set Machine runs fine. I'm mainly selling because i'm focusing on my 3D skills and dont print anymore. So Id figure I would pass it to the next good owner. Attached photos are of most recent print. Wont do any test prints until serious buyer finalizes sale. ( I've already done an entire role of test prints for no shows ) Wont come with top cover due to shipping it would be too costly and I dont trust it making it through shipping. Orlando ,Florida Area available for pickup.
  2. Then buy the ones off ebay? Seemed to have solved your own problem.
  3. Listing page Hey guys. Selling my Ultimaker 2+ to local buyers in the Florida Area.
  4. I also think you have to change the feeder. Check out GR5 he has a kit for that. Still requires a few printed parts.
  5. Which software do you like to use to make models for 3D printing? At the moment im Stuck between Maya, Fusion 360. Sometimes I use 123Design to make quick things. Im unsure which program I should invest more of my time into. I have been using Maya, but I have been enjoying Fusion 360 much more layout wise.
  6. Was this issue ever fixed? I have been having it happen quite frequently
  7. Havent tried Salt. I got tired of the glue method. Too messy and many times didnt really work or change anything. Florida here so it's very humid. printer is in my room so I tend to use the ceiling fan. My first prints curled a ton because of it. After I installed the door and cover all I use is tape. Cleaning takes maybe 2 mins? Just peel off and replace. 300 hours later I havent had a print fail. Sometimes I cant get my prints off the bed now XD Going to 3D and design a damn wall system that lets me put my glass bed against the wall and pull my prints off!
  8. Am I the only one who never has that problem? I think after the first week of owning my printing was the one time I had issues. I Don't use glue ever. Stopped using it because it was just a mess. I Just use Blue Painters Tape, a little bit of sanding and I'm done. My Prints always stick. I also installed a door and top cover to block my ceiling fan from cooling it down. If anything people should focus on cutting down on drafts in the area instead of throwing more glue down. No Issues with PLA on Painters tape.
  9. If anyone else has this issue. Didnt change anything. Disabled advance settings. Went back and my brims were back. Put back in the same settings and it seems to work. Don't know why resetting it seemed to do the trick. Before that rotating the model and rotating it back to the same position also brought them back.
  10. Made a flat shape in 1234 Design. Exported it. opened it in cura. Rotated it 90 degrees so it was flat. Cura auto aligns it down to the bed. Doesnt have a first layer in layer view. Rotated it again long ways. It shows up. Rotated it back and it wont show up again. Very annoying. Its a simple RING shape. Didnt rotate it in the 2 other 3d programs I made it in. I made a cylinder shape. exported it and tried to open it in cura. Same thing. I started a print. It prints the brim. When the print fails I abort it and start it up again. The brim doesnt print on that file or anything else on the memory card. The gcode shouldnt change or lose layers just from sitting inside the printer. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ya71IwpTg5UW5CVjRnR3gxUHM/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ya71IwpTg5dGpsU290dDNRM3c/view?usp=sharing
  11. Never touched the Brim settings since I got the machine
  12. I dont know what's going on. I have done about 13 hours of small prints this week. Same settings. Popped open my new 2kg roll of clear colorfabb xt and have had nothing but issues. First issue was simply the settings for this filament. To think the colorfabb color stuff that works great printing at temp 180-210 to this clear stuff needing to be at 240 and above... Anyways. for some stupid reason my Brim setting, which is checked and all within normal settings wont print! I noticed something was up when I first started a print and the printer even skipped making a normal parameter around where it's going to print at the start of the print. And it now wont print Brims...Which when you are printing a ton of small parts comes in handy!
  13. Yeah for me It was going good for a good while. Then my prints would jam after awhile. Always during a retraction. Kills me because it worked fine for a good 30+ hours of printing. I held off for awhile to see if anyone would figure out the issue. Then I would pop my 1.75 kit back in.
  14. Ever try out the 1.75 kit? I was having those issues with jamming and we figured it was the feeder.
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  16. Version 1.0


    ( Go to Thingiverse Page ) My FIRST Make! My gf is working on a play at the local elementary school. They needed a prop so I made this. Thanks to the user for the the Lion Model! Steps ( look at photos ) Print file. I didn't use the gem, but supplied it. In cura separate objects command, The multiply if you want to use. I just went to Michaels and bought some small gems. Much easier. Primer it a color you want to see under the gold if you plan to make weathered. Spray it with Gold. Follow normal steps of roughening it up. Dremel tool, Sand paper. Apply some marks and paint with silver and copper paint. Keep roughening it up. Apply some clear Glaze coat. One coat will do. Let dry for 12+ hours. Afterwards roughen it up some more. Then paint over that. This gives the marks a little depth because of resin coat. Also protects your bottom coat work. Hit it with an extra light pass of gold paint. ( dont have to , but I did. ) Then give it a light glossy clear coat. EXTRA CREDIT: See the 3 bars on the amulet? The right left and bottom? Metal or string wrap that. That was the plan with mine. I just dont have a picture of it yet.
  17. I will give it a look! Sadly the amount said needed wasnt the same as what it actually needed. So I ran out and had to pause it manually and swap it out for another color. Time for a violin with a white butt! XD Still looking to see how the neck looks with that feature! I just wish the Ultimaker actually kept up with the layers on the menu. OR better yet had a feature to pause and then Save the G-code as a new file from the given paused point. And allow it to open in cura to use
  18. Awesome! Thanks! When I do this, will the ultimaker know to go through the normal change material settings? What if it jams or something, would i be able to reset to that last pause at layer? Or maybe pause Twice and have the next color in the center!
  19. Im wanting to tell Cura to pause my print after about half the amount of grams are used Or half the print ( not including the The rafts and so on ) so I can swap the material out. Im attempting to print a Violin out of coffee PLA XD and realize I wont have enough for the neck. So I was looking to stop the print and perhaps make half the neck another color .
  20. It's more of a 'Apple is way overprice and sells junk' conversation. Windows isn't much better, but at least you don't pay a huge markup. As for Ford vs Chevy... i have a 2002 mustang with 88k miles... i had to have the engine rebuilt at great cost this past month. I can't say i'm too happy with that, especially considering the low mileage and how babied the car has been. Never had a Chevy Who buys window computers? Most of the Windows hate comes from other companies installing and selling windows on garbage hardware.
  21. good to know. When you get the bowdens I will order the feeder kit together with them and give it a go. Kinda wish Ultimaker had a 1.75mm upgrade kit. Would open up things for sure!
  22. Whats the main difference with that feeder? I noticed a good amount of feeders for print. I dont mind checking it out. Maybe after you do a few test prints on your upgrade kit you could inform me? I can hold off til then. Just pick myself up some colorfab and print in 2.85 for awhile. Bummed out cuz I have a whole tub of 1.75 i wana get a crack at XD
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