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  1. Pulled the wee baby apart and found a very dry join on the heated bed. Perplexed that I tried heating the bed by the front panel yesterday and thought it succeeded. I must have made a mistake. thanks for your help. BTW the merlin version supplied a very useful description of each stage of the process (heating bed etc) far more useful than a simple progress bar. any way the standard cura engine could have that as an option please?
  2. not sure if i would say intermittent. via tune ALWAYS heats up, via print NEVER prints up. has been consistent 3 days now. Would you suggest I should try to set a jumper between NO and C on k1? New UM2 board maybe?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Start print. check temps via tune. both nozzle and bed reports room temp, no change. stop print. set temp to 200 and bed to 60, both heat up and report progress. start print. progress bar sits at initial position, nozzle and bed naturally cool. I will check cable connections tonight and report back
  4. I was printing last week. I tried printing yesterday and the start print progress bar sits at the initial position. the print head moves but the bed and the extruder do not heat. (i left it for 30 minutes in case it was slow to heat, but there was no heating happening) I can perform a material change - so the front panel->motherboard->hot end&stepper motor links are working I can perform a manual extruder/bed heat up - they do heat and the thermometer is accurately reporting the heat up. following tips elsewhere in this forum i have tried * updating firmware and re slicing the designs * turning on/off for differing times * 'tapped' the mother board in the hope of releasing a stuck (unused) relay. * tried printing via USB (FYI the head immediately moves as if printing but the heater does not kick in) any other suggestions before I search for bad solder joints etc?
  5. after aborting a print (UM2) the filament retracts meaning unless i manually progress it, the next print will start printing air until the filament reaches the hot end
  6. Purchased UM2 in november from local distributor, no olssen block. Now available as upgrade kit approx $300. not happy. I purchased it believing I would get the upgrade. Any suggestions?
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