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  1. yes i will try it. general i order every filament people suggest me here to test it. I tried ABS in past and i felt it was very difficult for me to use it. Most of the parts goes with problem in corners.
  2. no doesnt fit to my printer i think. thank you.
  3. Thank you . i am in greece . I dont care for other properties , most of items i print is for fishing and drones. My problem is when i forget pla on the car in sunny days i found them melt. Thats the reason i need something more resistant.
  4. wow very expensive. 180 euros.. thanks anyway.
  5. Hello i am interesting for fillaments that have more tha 90c resistance after prinnting. Diameter 2.85 i am going to use them with Ultimaker 2+ extended so will be better to have printing temperature <=260c
  6. In both printings clog and stop printing.
  7. Ι used 0.2 height layer 30mm/sec speed. 0.4 nozzle olson.
  8. I tried with colorfab original setting to print on my Ultimaker 2+ and after 6-7 layers clogging and destroy everything. I used olson nozzle as recomended. Does anyone has more details settings for this material ?
  9. In excellent condition i give it with 10+ filaments . Reason because i dont use it anymore. Price 1800€.
  10. vanias78

    ColorFabb HT

    Last days tried to print with this high temperature filaments as i need something to can handle my cars temperature without melting. Unfortunatlelly the prints from this material comes out very sensitive and break very easy. Maybe the problem is i use 260C and maybe need more (280c). Does anyone know away to print right with this material or a way to use more than 260 on my ultimaker 2 extended + ? I print with recomended from colorfabb settings (except temperature use 260 and they need 250-280) Thank you.
  11. i cant understand what is this black on white filament. I made 5-6 prints. I tried cleaning it with ultimaker method. Prints white and suddenly i can see this black spots in diffirent places on my print.
  12. Hello i need a little help. In my last printings the printer started to make problems on the first layers. Problem in corners. Also the down layer is not smoth as was in my first prints and there are holes on it.
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