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  1. Great.. thanks.. below link to the ini file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8cw30a1plbuhjz/droid.ini?dl=0
  2. Hello, yes.. right is half body of a droid and the other side are binoculars The body of the droid is hallow.. correct. but it has wide edges on the bottom. I have bottom and top layer thickens at 0.75 and file density is at 20%. My Cura Version is 15.04.6
  3. Hello, I have a huge problem and I dont understand why. In "normal" view.. all my models look just fine.. but when I go to "layers" .. most of all my models show that the print won't close at the top of the surface. Not the model creator claim that they printed their models just fine.. but Cura shows that the print won't come out with the surface printed... any clue whats up with that?
  4. Hello, I m trying to print a regular round base... it has all kind of polygons and segments but the top of the base is previewed in "layers" as hollow... anybody has an idea whats going on ? Thank you guys !
  5. Hello experts, Im pretty new to all this 3D printing and got me a Ultimaker 2+ and love it. Just this print example I can not get it to print. when it comes to the extended areas...it gets printed very poorly. keep in mind that the object is only about 4.5cm long... so it is a bit hin on the edge.. any idea whats the best way to make this happen ? Using PLA. Print Speed is at 30. File Density is 10. 0.4 nozzle.
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