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  1. Maybe we could print a mold of PVA, pour in the molten metal, then wash away the PVA with water? That could be one way of printing with metal for making electronic circuits or jewelry items. Les
  2. This morning I thought I'd write a little April fool's post about a printing in metal breakthrough that allows enthusiast and hobbyist FFF printers to print with metal. Then as I Googled the topic, searching for believable "evidence" of such, I looked up "Pot Metal" and was led to links of low temperature alloys used for prototyping and casting. They tend to be pricey and can be harmful to health so they must be handled with care, and with adequate care they can be cast into molds. These metals have a melting temperature of 62C or lower. FFF print heads print up to 250C or 300C max. So
  3. Ever made a cycle story with some friends? I have fond memories of sitting on old scrap furniture drinking and laughing, passing a one-line LCD typewriter around as each person adds their next paragraph to the story of silliness. Well, why not do that with a print? To get things started I have made a base with OpenSCAD, files below - just add your changes and post them to this thread. (revision control chaos may ensue?)... Get the files here: youmagine files
  4. In the "he's crazy as a loon" department, we have two curious ideas from myself: manual Palette and printing filament. For the manual Palette, what we do is manually perform what the Palette performs on-the-fly. So say we are working with ABS and we want an n-color object. We write software or use existing software that takes us to the first color change and then we measure out the length of filament used by the first color and cut it to length with a nice sharp clean cut. then we glue on the second color using ABS juice. Then we repeat for as many color segments as desired. It's l
  5. i guess to be clear, my intent is to make ANY semiconductor circuit element, however bad in performance it may be. This is why I refer to early experimentors as their crude techniques with their chosen materials are likely to work together I suppose. I dream of the day that we can 3D print circuit structures in all manner of shapes and sizes. I know that we can construct logic gates with resistors, diodes, and transistors. As long as the gain of the transistor is greater than the attenuation of the diodes we have sustainable logic elements, or in other words the signals do not decay as th
  6. Hi all, I am cross-posting the following message from the Lulzbot filament forum to get experts from this Ultimaker forum also in-the-loop. Something tells me that the possibility of 3D printing semiconductors in the home/office environment is just around the corner. Let's at least share some thoughts on the matter... Les
  7. Well we have to see if the funding is awarded, and if it is, UM2E+ is the machine of choice! Les Make history!
  8. That's good to read, DidierKlein; I have had enough of Kickstarter hanger queens and things like unkeyed connectors that blow up circuitry if you plug them in wrong, sheesh! I want a mature product with shall we say a level of attention to detail similar to Apple, if I can say that without starting an argument lol. This is a no brainer now. Les Make history!
  9. how about some recent prints? These were printed on a Printrbot Simple Metal Black because my Ultimaker is not purchased yet. Les Make history!
  10. Well done :)Congratulations !!! Hello world! Les Make history!
  11. You know Labern, I was thinking of just such a plan of action and it helps to hear it from another person's perspective! Les Make history!
  12. Hi, my work is buying me an Ultimaker 2 Extended + and I'd like to now if I should go ahead and get this printer or wait for the new models to arrive. I am pretty much sold on buying now, it's just that I don't want to buy now and regret later. I tend to be the person who buys a product later in it's life cycle anyway because those products tend to be more stable and mature in their design. The problem is my existing printer is not working so I cannot print for the moment. And we need to print some objects for the next show in 6 weeks. Anyway just wondering what people have heard abou
  13. The response was loss due to error on my part, I did not check the "I am not a robot" box before posting the reply. I don't quite recall which button, I think it was preview not post but it could have been either. Something to check out. I'm on a Mac running Chrome. The printer will be for both work and of course play! Lots of play! For work I will print lids for Mason Jars that hold electrodes and have vents and a logo on them, plus various parts for boxes to hold electronics and of course Earth Drops. Here is the Earth Drop, a symbol of water and humanity on Earth: Earth Drop Wi
  14. Wow - Les, good to see you here - great choice of printer :)can't wait to see what you make with it! - Spideysense? Thanks jameshs, I wrote a whole long response and it got lost somehow. Anyway, Phone Home is the latest thing, putting IoT on the hands.
  15. That is wicked cool! Noice! Les Make history!
  16. As a prior ROBO 3D post-kickstarter owner, I felt the pain and frustration of that article truly, but it fails to mention the joyful side of the hobby / biz of 3D printing. Like a child with a discipline problem, you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Les Make history!
  17. How was my day? Very good. I slept most of the day, ate three meals, and I tend to wake up around 7pm and get on to the night's activities which include a couple of naps and a lot of work. Work for this week is to complete an online self-paced video course on circuit board design wit the open source KiCad software, and decide which printer to get. I was all set to buy a Taz 5, when I fell in lust with the Ultimaker 2 Extended +, what a mochine that thang is! Plus I'm left with almost $1k left so I can afford some filament and payment to an an open source reprap enthusiast to pimp out m
  18. I watched the Hak5 show and enjoyed it, cool technology stuff. I am interested in following the progress here, especially if it leads to a new and interesting quad design. Maybe I can help a bit too? We will see, but in any case it looks worth following! Les Make history!
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