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  1. Version 1.0


    This is my second attempt at conveying some biblical message in 3D form. Usually we have the standard 2D technique in which an inspirational image is chosen and text is overlaid on top of it. It stands to reason that we can make 3D versions of these and I imagine many exist as created in ceramic or plastic or metal. My intent here is to come up with a set of 3D printable files that can be passed out to various churches and charities for either 3D printing or otherwise constructing so that they can include them as rewards for fundraising or for service to the people in some way. This ex
  2. In particular I like the use of the patina as a coloration, applyint it to only certain parts of the piece. Nicely done! Les Les patina a print!
  3. The quality of the winner's work bodes well for future contests as well!
  4. yay applause applause! to the victor go the spoils!!
  5. How do resin printers do on time for a given level of detail and size? It is clear the resin printers are capable of extremely fine detail, however I have found that the majority of prints simply don't have that level of detail. I guess if I had a resin printer I'd design more detail into my prints. As it stands now, my FDM printer (new UM2+ woot!) gives me all the resolution I need using inexpensive filament and hours of time per piece. How do resin printers do on time? Les Les learn about resin printers!
  6. Version 1.0


    Here is a display shelf for small 3D printed objects. I decided to spend less time creating art and engineering type objects (still a lot of that) and more time creating functional items with an attractive presentation like this columned shelf unit. At only 125mm wide, it is best suited for small to medium sized objects, short ones on the bottom shelf and room for taller ones on the top shelf. The back of each shelf plate has a 90 degree bend for accepting some of that putty that is used to stick posters and what-not to the walls. My hope is that this putty will be strong enough to hold
  7. Hee, yes I am nerdy enough to have the theme to Star Trek in my iTunes collection. Yes I wrote the two programs, though I do rely heavily on examples. I just start with an example (usually, sometimes i start from scratch) and then merge in another exaple as needed. Here we saw Processing language for the video and to wend out OSC to the ChucK language program in real time which modifies some delay lines and a square wave source. Les Les write some code.
  8. Here's a fun and very short (1 minute) music video that I created: . Yes that is the video controlling the audio. I used Processing for the video and sent three numbers in a continuous stream to the ChucK music programming language over Open Sound Control to drive the audio. Im pleased with the result. Comments welcome! Les Les make ominous music!
  9. OK thank you all, i have a better understanding now. And about the sig, well i got tired of the same old thing so I thought I would mix it up a little. Maybe make the sig relevant to the post. Les Les understands now!
  10. I am confused, and here is why: wouldn't the filament have travelled beyond the gear's ability to extract it if you have run out of filament? I mean, it pushed all of the filament off the spool so there is nothing left to grip onto? Les Les try to understand!
  11. What do I do if the roll of filament runs out on a print and I don't realize it? I would think I'd have to open up one end of the Bowden tube, is that it? Les Les figure this out!
  12. p.s. i shared it on twitter and facebook. whimsey, pure whimsey!
  13. Phenomenal, giggle giving, wonderfully prepared! OK, so you win this one hands down! Les Les predict the winner?
  14. LesHall


    Version 1.0


    finally after about two days of OpenSCAD and printing, here is a desktop organizer with a greco-roman theme. Why do desktop organizers have to be so smooth and devoid of theme or features? I want dragons on my desk! Maybe hobbits and jet airplanes and ray guns and ant colonies! And columns for starters! This is just a frame with no bottoms so I think it's suitable for larger items like mail or cologne or toothpaste and toothbrushes, somesuch. Needs glue and maybe paint (maybe not). KInda boxy for an out-of-box thinker to create lol! Les Les be nimble, Les be quick, Les jump over
  15. Congrats Eraser, you had more stick-tuitiveness than I did! Les Les get the job done!
  16. Funny stuff! I love non-victim based humor! And yes the music suits a timelapse of a print job so well. Worth watching, go press the play button now! Les Les make it happen...
  17. I never got any replies except yours on the maker game, so maybe it should be reformatted or presented to a wider audience. Les
  18. peetersm, that is remarkable. I would not play soccer with my print head so more power to ya! Les
  19. try this video link as mentioned in the other thread, now i've created a parallel universe! warp nine, engage1 Les
  20. Version 1.0


    Same as rev 1 but better engineered plus name on connecting rod part. enjoy!
  21. LesHall


    Version 1.0


    I credit the Lord Jesus Christ for all things I do because I know I could do nothing without Him. In fact, it is my personal belief that all of my insights and ideas originate from Him. This hand tool / machine duplicates prints and other simple objects in wax, clay, and other soft materials. You attach a print with glue stick or double sided tape or other adherent to one gear / platform and the working material to the other. then you operate the tool arm, cutting away as needed while turning the gear and following with the tool arm. I named this thing after the Florida Gators, the U
  22. well in regard to the origination of ideas, when an idea's time is at hand many people will think it up repeatedly in various places and times. personally I am entirely disgusted with the USPTO's very existence. They are an adversarial organization designed to stomp on the individual creator / inventor and give all the patents to the fat cats like TakerBot. This needs to change, and my approach to changing it is as mentioned, to "Robin Hood" the ideas, in other words implement patents as open source. That way, as soon as the design files and instructions get released, anyone can build the
  23. hah, it figures TakerBot (aka MakerBot) would have a patent on the very version of this that I thought of (the belt). I swear I want to develop their patented technology myself and release it myself as open source just to irk them. Les
  24. Yeah so there is this notion of continuous printing in which you print on a paper sheet and then when the print is done you push the print off into a bin, feed a new paper bed on top of the flat bed, then print another tray. I have this idea, must have been done in research, of making a long strip of cloth or chainmaille or similar material by printing in x with a section of y, then a belt rolls one row then you print another roll then the belt advances and so on, could print arbitrary lengths of cloth this way. Les
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