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  1. Here it is in printed form. As expected the tool is a bit wobbly but it's functional and will probably work OK once I beef it up and reduce tolerances a bit. Les Les be friends!
  2. Behold! My creation, this device is intended to help you make copies of small objects in wax, clay, or other soft materials. I came up with it out of my age old brain, lol, ancient wisdom (or the lack thereof) going zany again! So someone told me about the Router Duplicator which is a big huge version of this little plastic thing. He showed me some youtube video s of the things making guitar bodies and such. But the one shown below is for smaller stuff and soft materials. Anyway, behold! That's the third print almost ready to test for mechanical motion and stability. It's parameter
  3. My next iteration, complete with head, arms, hands, and of course boobs. i spent a lot of time on the boobs. Because everyone loves boobs. Men, women, even babies love boobs.. Les Les make it happen!
  4. OK so Sander challenged me to be a winner not a quitter, so I put a lot of time today into this wayward endeavor and now it's time for a POW-WOW! Pictured are my first attempt, so slack that she cannot even stand up. Or maybe she's on substances and cannot even stand up! Lol that was me back in my drinking days (sober 1.5+ years now). So the one on the right stands but her feet are so big and gently tapered and smooth on the bottom and she's not balanced so she just snowski's down the ramp. What's good about both of them is that the hinges are print-in-place. Yep, no hardware or filame
  5. Oh yeah, found a better (wood) surface on which to test the new custom robot, which only has an underdeveloped body and legs/feet right now and is a female robot! Its purple too so maybe it's a minority lol.
  6. Grrr Sander, I am no quitter and I know when to cut my losses, but I have a new idea and I think I'll pursue it. I'm planning to design my own little robot!
  7. Yes, I feel robotically challenged! So I printed and buit the robot made by some skilled combatant in this competition - thanks BTW - and it did not walk, not for me anyway. I roughened up the bottom of his little robot footsies to get better traction and that seems to help. Actually after some fitting with the X-Acto around the PLA hinge the thing sort of walked a little but not really. Then i got fed up and quit. Sigh. Les
  8. Yay it worked... sorta kinda, but not really. See this photo shows that the support for the head and ears goes all the way to the ground. I want to see it grow from an internal spot to the place unside the top of the part where it is needed. Then later we can add it coming from an angle from a side wall, even better! Les Les make it happen!
  9. I tried it and it worked! This will create a major speedup for me, thanks owen!!!
  10. If you have been thinking of it and I have been thinking of it, I bet a bunch of others have too. Sounds like an idea that's ripe for action! Any Cura programmers around? Les Les make it happen!
  11. Nyuck nyuck woob woob woob! No wait, boob boob boob! This is getting silly... Les
  12. that's a good idea, I can use meshmixer to hollow out the piece, but how can I get the slicer, in my case Cura but really any slicer to create support inside of it? Do I have to remove the bottom? Or will using support do it? Alas, my cat Schrodinger disappeared in an ultraviolet catastrophe! So sad... Les Les make it happen!
  13. Okay so I have made an attempt at testing this idea. What I did was kind of poor judgement. Long story short I thought the Ultimaker would fail in printing at the tippy top of this kitty cat model when printed with zero infill, one layer shell, and three layers top / bottom filament. Well the Ultimaker being as awesome as it is, managed to print the top with east, grace, speed, and agility as it always does! I was hoping to push the printer beyond it's limits then add my internal support idea and have it work, then finally to print with infill for a comparison of apples to apples. So
  14. OK, so anyway here goes with the story. I printed a kitten statue back about a year and a half ago on my ROBO3D and it had a hole in the top of it's head and some messy filament deposited across and around the hole. This, I reasoned, was due to the slope of the head and surrounding area of being like a flattened down sphere. Well I went to do a test of an internal support idea that I had, in which I put a rod from the throat of the kitten, running internally to the center of this dome, to help with the bridging. Long story short when the printing was done I found no difference between th
  15. I had a ROBO3D as my first printer. They were just out of kickstarter and struggling to meet orders which they did and now they've got a decent product at an amazingly low price for all the printer quality and performance that you get. So its a great printer now, but back then sheesh! What a sucky printer. Hahahaha - funny how things change! Back then the wiring harness was a rat's next of cluttered mess trapping heat onto the RAMPS board, which got so hot it melted the bed heater connector among other failures. I'm lucky the thing did not go up in flames. So for that reason, I think
  16. Well as a newcomer, I'd rather see what Sander calls a "mature" forum than the opposite. Consider the ESP8266 forum - a wonderful technology so disruptive that people are flocking together to use it, well when I went to read it there was so much asking for help it seemed like the whole forum was filled with only that! No content! Now clearly that was and is not the case, just the nature of the product being so powerful, so amazing, and so new. Just wait ti Ultimaker releases a metal printer or somesuch, that'll crank up the heat (so to speak)! Les Les make it happen!
  17. Boink! Went my brain when I suddenly realized this concept, the Internal Support, that apparently in retrospect has been nagging at me for some time. What if we changed our slicers to add support on the inside of the part just as we often do (when necessary) on the outside of the part? Wouldn't that boost print speed dramatically? OK, so we've been using infill since forever, and we have all watched with patience and acceptance that infill is usually necessary. We try to tweak the infill percentage and come up with all sorts of infills and infill only where necessary, which are all helpfu
  18. Hhahahah! Funniest thing I've seen in a while, thanks for the laugh! Les Les make it happen!
  19. Version 1.0


    What does a 3D print enthusiast give his or her Mom for Mother's Day? Why, a 3D print of his own design of course! And plenty of extras for her to pass out to the moms in our personal collection of loved ones. This plaque is symmetrical and seems to spell out many elusive words and graphics, and few people "get it" right away! For a graphical relief I put the same thing on top and bottom. I printed at 80mm/s and the prints are (mainly) flawless. This Ultimaker 2+ is a truly amazing printer! Les Les make it happen!
  20. Hi Guy, thanks for your interest. Well, our initial goal is to work only with the minimum possible platform, at the suggestion of e-NABLE's founder and spokesperson - John Schull. So with Jon's direction I chose to make the device report it's own battery voltage up to the cloud server that Ro created just for this purpose. So that's for starters. Then after that are the super hero powers. OK that takes some explanation. You see, at e-NABLE we have noticed an amazing phenomenon which goes like this... Our recipients are mostly kids with limb differences, most notably a disorder which ca
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