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  1. Hi All, we have an ultimaker 2 extended which we struggle to print large area models on due to the build plate warping, we have noticed that build plate support is a little flexible and through numerous build plate setups and trying to use rafts etc. we are still really struggling to print without parts releasing from the plate and peeling up at the corners. Ultimaker have advertised improvements to this issue on the 3 extended and we have confirmed that claim by purchasing an ultimaker 3 extended which we are finding a work of art!! runs like a dream! we have noticed the build plate support is much better designed on the 3 extended with the folded edges and were wondering if there is an upgrade or a drawing available for the same design but on the 2 extended so we can print with much greater confidence?? Any help would be greatly accepted. Kind Regards Tom
  2. Hi all, looking into buying an ultimaker 3 extended, but cannot seem to find anywhere any information on the ability to change the nozzle size? is there only the availability to print using 0.4mm? Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, I am abit of a caveman when it comes to computer software, we have an ultimaker 2 go in the office and I've seen the odd bit about connecting to the printer via a usb which we have. how do you actually set up the ultimaker to print directly from the pc to it? also is there anyway of being able to set up the ultimaker to a network so I would have the ability to send a file to the ultimaker and for it to print automatically? like we have all our paper printer linked up to the network so you can print to anyone of them while sat at your desk. Cheers guys. Tom
  4. Wow..... What a rookie error!!! Thank you it is all sorted
  5. Hi guys, we have an ultimaker 2 Go in the office at work. ive just got a new CAD laptop and was installing Cura onto my laptop when it asked if I wished to upgrade the firmware on the ultimaker. it asked me to plug in the ultimaker via usb and switch on. i plugged in the usb and then as i hit the power switch on the back it all lit up and then there was a pop noise (as if a fuse blew) and now i have no lights or screen or anything when i switch it on. the only response i get is a little green LED on the board which I'm guessing is just to show i have a power supply to the board. i have tried looking for a new board on the internet but it is the ultimainboard v2.1.4 and i can't find a replacement anywhere. any ideas/ knowledge of how to get a new board? Tom
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