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  1. Tried it and it snapped. There is still filament going to the nozzle.
  2. When I try to reverse the plastic it doesn't wind back. Does that mean that it's stuck in the nozzle?
  3. Hello! As the title suggests I'm having some trouble with the feeder motor (or whatever it's called). Whenever you try to print something or change the material, the little motor that feeds the fillament into the tube becomes spastic and starts going reverse for a split second. This also causes some of the plastic to go in reverse. The motor then starts spinning like normal and starts pushing the material back into the machine. This is when the motor jerks back again and the process is repeated. Here's a video of what happnes: How do I fix this? I've also noted a strange smell coming from the printer. Could this be the plastic that is stuck in the nozzle getting burnt?
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