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  1. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great. I own 4 3D printers. 2 ROBO3D, One Cube Pro, and now I own one Ultimaker 2 after reading so many good comments on this machine. I did purchase this machine in December. From the very first day I got my Ultimaker I was having underextrusion problem. from every 10 prints maybe 2 prints okay and the rest starts underextruding in the first layer or so, sometime not even the first layer, not even extruding. I want to let you know that I do always clean the nozzle with Atomic method, so I know for fact that the nozzle is 100% clean, so nothing is blocking the nozzle, and the feeder indicator is at top ( you don't really have so much option with the feeder anyway ! ) because even when indicator is on top , the spring load is already pretty heavy ! So from all you guys that own this printer, can you help us ? For the past months we had nothing but disappointment. We have do everything that we could but still this problem exists. We want a machine that works consistently , but this machine has failed doing so. Sometimes after atomic clearnring , I get a 1 good print and the 2nd print messes up ( underextruding ), this is just so annoying , we have even tried several different filaments ( different brands). I also know that I use 2.85 mm rather than 3 mm. all of a sudden it looks like the feeder dosnt have a power to push the material in and I hear the tick sound and then its all over, it tries to push but all it does grind in the same spot and therefore eats the material. I just don't get the fact why 1 time I get a good print and 10 times I don't , what is it really happening is a mistry for us and we really need to solve this. Do you all guys have this problem ? If you don't how much pressure do you put on the spring in the feeder ? the feeder design by the way sucks !!! Please help
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