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  1. HI', it was 15.04.6 I was using. But when I was converting from U2 to U2+ I had to load the firmware 3 times before it accepted. Remembering this I did the same thing and the problem was solved. I now use 2.1.2. I did check that I had the correct model each time but it seems not to accept the firmware the first time. Thanks again for your info'.
  2. I have a 2+ and when I converted it from the basic 2 I had to load the firmware 3 times to stop the "bed" from rising and striking the nozzle. It had assumed that I had a U2 extended and after I had reloaded the firmware for the the third time it accepted it. Remembering this I reloaded the firmware 3 times and the problem was gone, it now works as an Ultimaker 2+ should i.e. impeccably. Many thanks for your prompt reply!!!!!.
  3. Thanks Nicolinux, I wondered why it came up several times, at 83 years I find these things a bit confusing !.
  4. Hi' Valcrow, Checked today and was listed as"+" but I had to update the firmware 3 times before it accepted the update and I had checked USB connection and the lead,all OK. It is now working fine. Thanks again for your help. Oldtimer.
  5. Hi' Blizz, I am a bit confused with this site and made a few mistakes, it wasn't a ploy to get more points (whatever they are?) Oldtimer.
  6. Hi' Valcrow, you may have hit the nail on the head!!!!. I could have easily accidentally updated the wrong firmware and tomorrow I will check and recheck this to make sure. Very many thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will let you know the outcome, thanks again.
  7. Hi' ChrisW, I did the wizard several times but the bed hits the nozzle around the left hand clip and is followed by a "grinding noise" from the "Z" gear. I have checked the X&Y rods and they are firmly seated. I will try again tomorrow and if I find the answer I will let you know. The printer is in the home of a friend (he owns it) and I am helping him print (when it works!!!). Thanks again for your help.
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply Chrisw. I did the bed calibration, by that I think you mean resetting the bed with the plastic sheet supplied with the kit ?. Is there another bed calibration that you do with the + modification?. Does the reset to factory conditions on the sd card over ride the reset firmware on Cura ?.
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