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  1. We Also use Cura as a slice engine.. but we post process the data to use our extra hardware (nozzle close axis amongst others) Please try the latest version its greatly improved.
  2. Hi Skint, Sorry to but in; The print heads on Robox are extremely easy to change, a single thumb wheel on the back. We have several print heads including a recently release dual material head that can print with two completely dissimulator material at the same time. Our needle valve system really come into its own here as we don't have to print an ooze shield or wipe tower with the ability to close the flow of material right at the tip of the nozzle. I've been getting some great results using Polysupport and PLA.
  3. Hi Woofy, Just to let you know your not locked into using CEL SmartReels with Robox, any filament can be used, you just need to create a material profile like any other system.
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