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  1. So I just checked the alignment of the pulleys/belts with the other axis. They all look good with the exception of the back left pulley on the Y axis rod. It is pushing the belt slightly inward (which is most likely what is causing the belt tensioner to rub the block). The pulley that goes to the stepper motor and the first pulley with the belt going to the front of the machine are touching and thus cannot move to adjust the belt. The stepper motor pulley is just about touching the frame, so I don't want to move both of them over. Attached is what the set up looks like. I know pictures are hard for this type of thing. In terms of the sound you describe, moving the print head around does not make any noticeable sound. If it would help I can upload a video. I will look in to ordering the GT2 belts/pulleys. Do you have any suggested vendors?
  2. Hey Neotko! I think so, but I will check that now. Just to clarify, the belt should be either directly above or directly below the rod for the 'other' axis. Center of the belt under/above center of the rod. I'll check it and take some photos. Thanks for the idea.
  3. Hey guys, So we tried all of that, and we are still having issues. - Loosened all of the set screws on the pulleys (12 of them) - Detached X/Y motors to get to said screws - Set pulleys on X/Y motors, loosely attached motors back on to frame - Set Motor pulleys on top rods, checking for alignment with pulleys on motors. - Starting on one side, squared axis using the wooden spacers, tightened pulleys - Continued on the other three sides - Confirmed that all four sides were square - Tightened down the X/Y motors to tighten belt - Added the spring belt tensioners included in the kit (I didn't recognize what they were when I first put the printer together). - Used some light machine oil to lubricate all of the top rods (four outer rods and two cross rods) This had a major impact on how smooth the movement felt with the machine off - Slowed down the print speed to 60 mm/s - Used both Cura 15.04.2 (what we had been using) and Cura 15.04.4 (Latest from Ultimaker) And we got this result: As an observation, one of the belt tensioners looks like it may be interacting with one of the sliding blocks attached to the same belt. This is the same belt that is having slipping issues. We tried to move the pulleys to give some more room, but it looks like the block pulls the belt back towards this rubbing point. You can see the interaction below: To answer SandervG's question, there was no indication on the controller that anything had happened. Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I appreciate all of the suggestions so far.
  4. Thanks cloakfiend and SandervG! I will try out your suggestions and get back to you.
  5. Hello Informative Ulitmaker Community We have been running this particular Ultimaker Original+ since September (~5 months). A little bit ago we started to get print failures sporadically that seemed to be linked to a certain Z height. These problems were inconsistent and unfortunately no photos were taken at the time. Last night I started the print below knowing that it would take forever with all of the detail. Cura put the print time at just over 9 hours. You can see below the result. This was printed on an Ultimaker Original+ with Faberdashery Fire Truck Red PLA. Layer height was 0.1mm, printed fairly slow (I think ~60mm/s but I can check) at 210C. Sliced using CURA 15.04.2 My first guess, based entirely on how the top of the part is displaced in one axis direction, is that the Y axis slipped or somehow missed a large number of steps. Additionally you can see a very small layer issue halfway down the part. This was not large enough to cause the part to fail, but it is noticeable, especially in the last two pictures on the right side of the print (in the 'O') Does any one have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? Anyone else seen this issue? Next time I try to print this I am going to put a GoPro on it for some time-lapse evidence. I appreciate any and all suggestions/comments/questions. Thank you!
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