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  1. Geert_2 Yes Its about the dirty line. You theory is not that far of i think. But i dont now how the fix it. A year ago with new fillemant there was no problem. This roll is more than a year old, was vacuum sealed but it got a little moist i think. Will investigate more and will look at you suggenstions. Thanks for the information.
  2. Johnse, Thanks for you reply, but it is nog the "spiderweb" but de hard 1mm thick line on the inside of the corner that is the problem. A year ago i did 40 of these prints with no problems. Current i am testing with old cura, because it feels like they made a change in cure that effects mij print. I you have any more information this is always helpfull. Thans for your inside information.
  3. Hello, I am little new here, but i have a problem i cannot solve. So i will try here to find a sollution. A little background: Using UM2 with Igus material iglidur® I150-PF. Making slide bushings for verious applications. https://www.igus.nl/product/12404 Settings : 0.4mm nozzle, 0.15mm layer height , 60mm/s print speed. Extruder 245°C, Build plate 65°C When printing there are 45° lines extra on the inner and sometimes on the outer shell. It seems to be extra material and i tried a lot of different settings to remove it. Not
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