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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has made a place where we can share our filament profiles for Cura? I'd be very interested to see how others use different filaments. Thanks Alex
  2. Are you saying your axis' are not square? Seemed like it. I recalibrated last night, and it seems to be working OK..... for now... Ill keep you guys posted.
  3. Seems that it could be something with the axis poles. The way my printer is built removes the ability for me to tighten the screws ont he axis, with the provided holders. The filament IS definitely sticking to the bed, and I dont think its sticking to the nozzle. The Geckotek bed doesnt require heat, so its running at 20c. Ill try to heat it just a bit to see if it helps, but I'm still thinking it has something to do with he poles. It Really doesn't seem like its something to do with clogging, but ill check tonight.
  4. Hey guys I just upgraded my UM@ extended. It seems I cant get a good print, since the upgrade. It doesnt seem like an extruder issue..... Any ideas? The extruded plastic seems like its not placed well.... If that makes any sense. Its sticking to the bed fine, its a geckotek bed.
  5. Hey guys My bed sensor is saying hat my bed is 41c.... but it should be 20-21c, since I haven't heated up the bed in over 3 months. Any ideas?
  6. Ok. I've got it to adhere to the tape with alcohol, somewhat. Maybe should I slow down the first layer? I know people say if you leave the filament in the hot end for too long it'll burn, but how long does it actually take to burn?
  7. Labern, I'll try alcohol on the tape tonight. With the tape, you don't heat the bed, correct? Thanks Alex
  8. Hey guys I'm trying gizmo dorks woodfill, but I can't seem to get it to stick to the bed. I've tried blue tape and 60c heated bed. Does anyone have experience with sticking woodfill to beds? Thanks Alex
  9. Hey guys I just received my first spool of Hatchbox PLA, and I really like it. Its producing really high resolution prints with my 0.4mm nozzle. What I did notice when printing was that it seems that when the extruder travels to the next print position, its letting out a bit of filament, and causing small issues in the print. I suspect that this is a retraction setting issue, but I was wondering if anyone has used this PLA before, and could tell me their optimum settings for it. Thanks always Alex
  10. I don't know, I saw it, and I thought someone else might have tried it, and I wanted to k ow their opinions.....
  11. Hi guys This is my first post, so go easy on me...... I got a good deal last week on an Ultimaker 2 extended, and I'm looking to do some upgrades. Has anyone tried these products? Link:http://www.geckotek3d.com/products/ultimaker-3d-printers Thanks guys Alex
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