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  1. Hey gr5, I just wanted to let you know that fabrc8 sent me the new board and since install I have been up and running again with no issues to the fans or the LED's. Thanks again for the help. -UK
  2. Hey, Labern thanks for the reply. Any idea where I can get the old schematic?
  3. Does anyone have access to the new schematics/diagram for the Ultimaker 2+ fan brackets(To scale)? I broke mine and am going to try to make a new one.
  4. Thank you for all the help. I am working with support and fabrc8 and they say they will send me a new electronics board tomorrow so I should have it Thursday. Hopefully that solves my issues. Thanks again, -UK
  5. I bought my UM2 7 months ago today and I started having this problem a few weeks ago. Before then, everything worked fine... I will definitely check the board as you mentioned above but it will have to be tomorrow when I get home from school. I will also try to take a video of the issues and post that for you to see. Thanks again. -UK
  6. I unplugged everything when I got home from school - from my printer, from the wall. It took about 30 minutes for the blue light to go away but I left it unplugged for about an hour like you said. Then I plugged it all back in and the fans are still not coming on. But if I blow on the fans and give them a little boost, they will spin slow. Then if I put the fan % to 100% they still go slow but if I put the fan % to 0% they actually go faster (about 50%). Very odd. The LED's do sort of the same thing. If I put them to 100% they are very dim, like about 5%. But if I put them to 0% they actually get a bit brighter, maybe 10%. Also very odd. I am mainly worried about the fans since I cannot really print without them. My dad just gave me a 'multimeter'. Will that work to test the voltage? I can try leaving the power brick unplugged overnight tonight and maybe that will help to reset it? Thank you for the help. Oh, and I timed the build plate heat time and it only took 4 minutes to heat up from cold. Not 10 like I thought. Is that about right?
  7. Well actually, my heated bed has started to take longer to heat too. More like 10 minutes than 2. So how can I check the K1?
  8. I noticed my prints coming out bad and realized my side fans had stopped working. I reset my UM2 to factory settings and reset Cura settings as well. This did not help, so I ordered new fans. I have installed my new fans and they are not working either. If I set the fan speed to 50% on my UM2 and blow on them to get them started turning, they will keep spinning, just at a very low speed, so I think they are getting a little power. Also, I normally do not print with my LED lights on but noticed today that they are not working either. If I have the LED settings at 100%, they have a very low (like 5%) light output, so they seem to be getting some power too, but maybe not enough? I am worried there might be a problem with the control board, but I am not sure what to do from here. I have taken the bottom panel off to look at the connections and they are good. Any ideas? Thanks. -UK
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