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  1. it should be fixed in cura 2.2. (see github) Its only a graphical bug so not a big problem
  2. i found a bug when using rafts i put 6 parts on the build plate, when slicing one of the parts does not have a raft all the parts are yellow when i remove the part that has no raft another part gets no raft 5 of 6 parts are still yellow edit: after more testing it even happens with 2 parts sometimes not willing to slice even both parts(yellow) and completely no rafts edit2 : made a bug report on github https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/812
  3. a dual extrusion printer is added after having a look in the folder resources--> machines --> dual extrusion printer, i dont know if its working or not ....... im having trouble adding my custom made printer with those json files, i prefered the previous approach
  4. in belgium the price for spools of ABS filament from ultimaker are 38.12euro
  5. i print directly on the glass to its no problem just wait for the bed to cool down and it will come of with a little nudge with your fingers only with flexpla i recomend some tape or some gluestick.
  6. adding to above message is your printbed clean (no fingerprints) -->clean it
  7. @sandervG is a symetrical fan shroud coming? PS. : im designing my own from sheet metal in inventor
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