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  1. No, in case of an error, I also have to reboot the UM3 (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/42426-print-head-error-communication)
  2. The ER18 occured again at the beginning of the print ! The print cores fan is on !
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help. I don't know, the printcore unloading works now ... Yes Not yet
  4. I have removed the printcore, the 4 contact points are clean.
  5. I have tried to remove the print core but it'm still waiting, as suggested :
  6. Hello, Again, I have a new issue with one of my Ultimaker 3. First, I had several print errors like "reaching the temperature is too long". And now, a failed print : The head stops on the part. I think it's a good idea to lower the build plate after a fail : Then, I have done a successfull "heater sensor test" : I think I should have bought UM2 instead of UM3 ...
  7. A bug : try to print a gcode with an accent or 92 characters ... The screen turn off when you select the file before printing !
  8. With S3D and only one STL, I have the encoding error too @SandervG : Apr 05 18:04:05 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30010b9 python3.4[476]: 2017-04-05 18:04:05,503 ERROR gcodeFileHandler Error accessing file 'UM3_XT.gcode' at line 1. Apr 05 18:04:05 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30010b9 python3.4[476]: Traceback (most recent call last): Apr 05 18:04:05 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30010b9 python3.4[476]: File "/usr/share/griffin/griffin/printer/fileHandlers/gcodeFileHandler.py", line 55, in run Apr 05 18:04:05 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30010b9 python3.4[476]: line = f.readline() Apr 05 18:04:05 ultimakersystem-ccbd
  9. Hi, I have the same error with Simplify3D but it only appears with one STL : UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 535: ordinal not in range(128)
  10. J'ai reçu aujourd'hui une nouvelle bande led de la part de MakerShop, après qu'Ultimaker ait insisté.
  11. I have received today a new led strip. Thanks @SandervG and Ultimaker. I always have to contact Ultimaker directly ...
  12. Thanks @Daid ! 120W average is what I need
  13. +1 ! After every print (S3D on USB stick), I have to restart the UM3 !
  14. Hi, the new UM3 firmware has solved the issue !
  15. @SandervG, is there a way to monitor the UM3 power consumption ?
  16. I think the UM3 has 2 MAC addresses : wifi interface and RJ45 interface. The UM3 can be connected to only one, with one IP address.
  17. 40mm/s retractation instead of 25mm/s is far better ! I will reduce coast at end (currently 1mm) and wipe (currently 1mm) :
  18. It seems that in my profile, the second print core heatup. I only want a single print with the first print core. Could you help me to remove code about the second print core ? My profile (based on yours) : https://we.tl/KIQAdMe5Pv
  19. Thank you so much . I will try 40mm/s retractation instead of 25mm/s ...
  20. S3D support have sent me another profile file and I never had again the issue ! First profiles they made a typo on the header and the UM3 is very very strict with that header... Good that they fixed it, I sent s3d support the fix 4months ago... It has been fixed after several emails, they send me 2 profiles, the latest worked.
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