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  1. Thanks for your answer ! I'm disapointed with the UM3 in single extrusion :( That was not written on the product page ... I'm using your profile for the acceleration and it seems to be better (no toc toc sound when the head moves). My retractation settings : Have you tried higher retractation/coast at end/wipe settings ?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a "good" Ultimaker 3 single extrusion profile for S3D. I have seen the file from @neotko : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23257-simplify3d-profile-for-ultimaker-3-basic-pla-pla-work-in-progress The UM2 S3D official profile is better. UM3 official profile : There is an issue with the retractation. I have tried coast at end 1mm, 2mm and 4mm. I have tried wipe 1mm. The retractation with the UM2 and the official S3D profile is far less visible. Do you have settings to share ? Thanks
  3. S3D support have sent me another profile file and I never had again the issue !
  4. Thank you very much for your help ! I'm waiting for answers from the french distributor and Ultimaker.
  5. Peu importe. Ça ne choque personne qu'Ultimaker ne respecte pas la garantie ?
  6. Have you contacted Ultimaker support? Because you quote Ultimaker and I quote Formlabs. Obviously Formlabs does not take this all that seriously in the scenario that you asked them about, so perhaps Ultimaker won't as well? I still claim that you may not even need warranty in this case. If the unit is less than a year old it will most likely, barring that I'm not well versed in french law, be under legal guarantee and you won't need to claim warranty against the seller at all. Perhaps @SandervG would be kind enough to clarify the official response to this particular question? Cheers Tha
  7. Np. I think that you will find that Formlabs does not agree on that point. "Formlabs warrants Formlabs-branded hardware products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser [...]" The Formlabs support today : "The warranty is for the product, so the printer would still have warranty."
  8. Bonjour à tous, Encore une fois je suis très déçu de l'attitude d'Ultimaker. J'ai acheté une Ultimaker 2+ Extended pendant la période de garantie, avec la facture d'origine. Le paneau led à droite clignotte régulièrement J'ai contacté MakerShop, gérant le SAV Ultimaker France qui m'a informé que la revente d'une Ultimaker annule toute garantie pour l'acheteur ! Plus de détails ici en anglais : https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23230-ultimaker-2-extended-warranty J'ai contacté un concurrent lui aussi "haut de gamme" : Formlabs, qui m'ont confirmé qu'eux appliquent bien la garantie pour un
  9. Thanks @jonatanrullman for your feedback. For instance, Formlabs does not have this unacceptable rule of warranty.
  10. Warning about the warranty : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39303-do-not-buy-a-used-ultimaker-within-the-warranty-period
  11. Hello, Again, I'm very disappointed by Ultimaker ! I have bought a used Ultimaker 2+ Extended during the warranty period. I have the original invoice. And the right led panel is blinking : I have contacted the french seller and they told me that if you buy a used Ultimaker, you cannot have a warranty ! https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23230-ultimaker-2-extended-warranty Are you kidding Ultimaker ? This is unlawful in France : http://www.argusdelassurance.com/jurisprudences/jurisprudence-ja/transfert-de-garantie-quand-le-sous-acquereur-engage-une-action-directe-contre-le-vendeur-origine
  12. Thanks. The first layer is at 100 microns, do you suggest 150 microns ?
  13. Another printer with another glass plate (same .gcode file) :
  14. With 75 microns layers, the auto level has a strange behaviour :
  15. Yes, with the UM2, the nozzle can hit the bed clips (S3D shoudl have the same issue with the UM3 ) ! I don't use Cura because of the poor rendering compared to S3D. S3D displays every layer, supports ...
  16. I have tried with many fails. I have removed PVA supports inside the part (supports from build plate only).
  17. I'm already talking with the S3D support because I had a bug in their profile ^^
  18. Yes ! Sometimes if you need support inside the part, horizontal expansion does not work, and it's impossible to do print PVA on top of PLA.
  19. Thanks for your work. I'm also interested in your S3D alternative profile.
  20. This is because S3D doesn't have that good profiles for the UM2 & UM3. The um3 has a heavier head, so the jerk & acceleration settings need to be tuned (read; lowered) to ensure that you don't get ringing. Ringing ?
  21. Using Simplify3D, the speed is the same between the UM2+ and UM3.
  22. I have tried Polymaker Polysupport (50% infill support), it's not dissoluble but works well and the print speed is 50 mm/s !
  23. PVA don't stick to the PLA ! Try Polymaker Polysupport (50% infill support), it's not dissoluble but works well and print speed is higher (50 mm/s) !
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