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  1. Thanks @Daid. 2 months ! Wow, that's not agile development ! In France, lights are forbidden in the buildings at night. Moreover, the printers are very visible from the outside of the buildings (and can be stolen).
  2. Have you tried PLA+PVA with the hollow tower ? PVA does not stick to PLA, the tower fails a lot.
  3. Today, displays the video (UM-B) ! UM-C still does not display video (but the ping is ok).
  4. Good, and I have done 2 new successful prints ! Thanks @gr5, your solution is perfect !
  5. Hi @gr5a, Thank you so much, you saved my life ! After many many failures, the tower is ok : @SandervG, I think it is a mandatory feature to add in Cura when you print with PVA.
  6. Thanks ! UM-A (UM3 Extended) : ping ok displays the video -------------------- UM-B (UM3 Extended) : ping ok displays ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED -------------------- UM-C (UM3) : ping ok displays ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED but several days ago, I have seen the video !
  7. Thanks @SandervG. Before opening the UM3. Do you have read that "sometimes" I can ping another UM3 but the link http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream'>http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream'>http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream'>http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream displays a connection refused : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Sometimes http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream displays the video on this other UM3. The camera works (video is sometimes available), the network works (ping), but the video is not available.
  8. Thanks for the tip ! Can you share the 3D file ? Can we replace the built in tower by 2 towers (1 PLA and 1 PVA) ?
  9. @SandervG, should I open the UM3 and verify the cable ? How to be ESD safe ?
  10. Well defaults are to be broken. I remember I did 20mm for a model for fun. With s3d you can check travel paths, something that cura doesn't show very nice. Is always good to have a tool that can actually show how the head will move. But that option does work, and better if you can increase the number. Ofc, maybe your inactive head is too hot and drips. The failed print was using an standard profile or you changed something? Standard profile (Cura 2.4 beta 2) ! I'm printing again with 10mm travel avoid distance, and PVA with 105% flow.
  11. Hi, Restarting does not solved the issue. I don't think it's an hardware issue. Why ? Because I sometimes have the issue too on another UM3. I can ping the UM3 but the link http://UM3IP:8080/?action=stream displays a connection refused : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  12. Thanks for your help ! My travel avoid distance is already at the default value : 3mm
  13. Thanks gr5 for your help. However, I use the auto calibration of the UM3, which is very good and the prime tower brakes in the middle. My main issue is "holes" in the PLA, due to PVA residues, even if the prime tower is ok :
  14. I'm very disappointed by the Ultimaker 3, again. 3 Ultimaker bought : many issues on each one !
  15. Thanks. Printing with PVA is not easy ... I don't have nozzle clogging, I don't have problem with humidity (now), but 2 issues : - PVA does not stick well on top of PLA/PETG/nGen - prime tower falls down everytime
  16. Ok thanks. No, the camera does not work in other situation.
  17. Thanks @SandervG ! The 2 other UM3 broadcast the video in Cura 2.4 beta 2 : But this UM3 does not show anything in Cura while printing even if it prints using wifi too :
  18. Hello, I have 3 Ultimaker 3 but one of them won't display the video stream in Cura and via the URL http://myum3ip:8080/?action=stream I'm sure that it worked when I bought it. What can I do ? Thanks
  19. I have tried "ooze shield" for PLA+PVA : it does not work at all. It's better without anything. I have tried a new tower of 25x25mm and 4mm thickness : As you can see, I have PVA residues on the part. The PVA is red Formfutura Atlas support but I have the same behaviour with Ultimaker PVA.
  20. Awesome ! A canonical prime tower could also be good to keep it from falling over.
  21. Thanks ! I was using prime tower but the hollow prime tower of Cura 2.4 Beta 2. I will try with a plain prime tower.
  22. Hi, I'm using the default Cura 2.4 beta profile but I still have "holes" on the walls due to PVA residues inside the PLA wall. Do you have similar issues ? I will try the ooze shield instead of the prime tower.
  23. I'm also looking for a way to set the IP (I have also DHCP)
  24. no it's not ...... You are right, I have made a mistake.
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