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  1. Hi, Do you know what is the average power consumption of the Ultimaker 3 during a PLA+PVA print ? Thanks
  2. Cura 2.4 (available in Beta) has some new features, making it possible to disable the prime tower in most of the printing profiles (amongst which are the PLA/PVA profiles), while retaining print quality. Saves material and printing time! Thanks ! It works very well : What are your support distance settings ? I'm using X/Y and Z distance equal to 0 :
  3. A solution is to disable the prime tower ! (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/25807-cura-build-volume-for-ultimaker-3?page=1&sort=#reply-168662)
  4. Do you manage to print PLA+PVA without prime tower ?
  5. Hi, Have you tried Formfutura Atlas Support PVA ? My Ultimaker PVA and Formfutura Atlas PVA does not stick well on top of PLA : Do you have tips to enhance the PVA adhesion on top of PLA (Ultimaker 3) ?
  6. You are right. I'm using the CPE profile, set the temperature to 255, fan 50% manually.
  7. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/35485-cura-24-beta-is-here?page=2#reply-167377 Thanks, it works !
  8. On Windows 10, I click on the icon, and nothing happens
  9. J'ai contacté Ultimaker, ils sont censés contacter MakerShop.
  10. Cura 2.4 won't launch on my computer :(
  11. On voit clairement dans la vidéo Makershop qu'ils ont le même souci. Les résidus de buse coupent le silicone, surtout sur la 2ème buse qui monte/descend.
  12. Hi, I have already screw them without effect. The reseller will send me a new motor+z rod.
  13. I'm sorry, this will more clear :
  14. Ah ah . I mean, the Z rod moves a littlebit when the printer is off ! It does not move on the UM2+
  15. I have disabled the auto leveling. The sound is still here ! The Z rod moves a little bit when I hear the sound. I compared the Z rod movement on my UM3 and UM2+. Only on the UM3, the Z rod moves a little bit at the bottom here :
  16. Only the sound I thought it was not normal !
  17. Wow ! I was looking for an issue with the rods :(. I will try with the manual leveling.
  18. La suite ici : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/35693-bad-sound-on-um3
  19. Thanks a lot for your help ! My rods don't move but one of them was moving after I bought the UM3 :(. When I touch the Z rod, it vibrates with the "klock klock" sound ! What is this feature ? It seems to be an UM3 feature, not a gcode code.
  20. I agree, I needed to setup my pulleys because the axles were moving !
  21. I have printed PETG with UM3 without any issue. Choose what you want, for instance CPE.
  22. I'm waiting the firmware upgrade too.
  23. Hi, I have a strange sound on my UM 3 since I bought it, 3 weeks ago : It occured at : 0 to 1s 3 to 5s 10 to 16s 21 to 28s 31 to 32s 34 to 36s 40 to 48s 50 to 57s 58 to 1:03s I don't manage to find why !
  24. Les tiens ne sont pas abimés ? A 1mn20 dans cette vidéo on voit que je ne suis pas le seul à avoir ce souci de silicone :
  25. Les poulies n'ont pas pris de jeu, elles étaient mal réglées d'origine. J'ai tout réglé ça ne bouge plus. Cura 2.4 améliore les réglages et permet d'avoir une prime tower creuse !
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