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  1. Hi X-chinese, I printed mine with 3 parameters to make it a little bit stronger. It helps reduce the vibration quite a bit.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I also noticed the vibrations. I printed some feet for the printer using Ninjaflex that I printed using my friend printer. I don't know if that help improve the quality or make it worse The print just finished, the layer height was increase to 0.2, and rotate the blade to the back of the bed. The results is better I will try to print with the suggestions that gr5 provided
  3. Is there any ways I can reduce the visibility of the scratches
  4. I am sorry, I printed it with Layer height: 0.15 Temperature 210 - bed : 60 Shell thickness 0.8 Bottom/top thickness 0.6 Fill density 0% Print speed 40 Nozzle size 0.4 Travel Speed 200 Bottom layer speed 15 Minimum layer time 10 I think my z rod still OK because I stopped print the win turbine and printed something else, the other print look ok I will try to print it with 0.2 layer height to see if there is a different
  5. I have Ultimaker 2 Plus Extended for about 2 weeks. Last night, I try to print the wind turbine that is provided in Youimagine website. Here are some pictures from the prints (I printed the top blade - Group A) . I used the settings that are recommended in this link "https://ultimaker.com/en/tips-tricks/19639-vertical-axis-wind-turbine" I also did not change any settings from the machine, for example, the acceleration is still 3000 mm/s^2, and the jerk also the same as 20 mm/s After the first print, I changed the orientation of the print and move it a little to the back of the bed, close to the z rod. The result was a little bit better, but I noticed that at a certain height, the quality was getting worse There are also some imperfections in the blade, I guess that have to do with the retraction problem and I am not worry too much about it Beside the inside of the blase was bad, the outside looks perfect for both of my prints, I guess that is what the designer intended. Is there anybody has the same problems with me? Any suggest on how to fix it? Thanks Hieu Bui
  6. I am using BuildTak 3D for the surface, it works very well and easy to take the print part out ( if you give extra room when you calibrate the bed). Below is the amazon link. 9'' x 10'' rectangle is the perfect size for the Ultimaker 2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TY67LR6?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00
  7. Hi everybody, I just bought a new Ultimaker 2 Plus extended about a week ago. I love it a lot so far. However there is two problems that I have right now: (Sorry for my bad English) Problem 1: It seems like there is a dis-uniform color in my Ultimaker Silver PLA filament. The color slightly shift after several layer. Problem 2: There is several random mark/scratch on my print. You can look at the red circles on the image I printed with the factory setting for temperature and Layer height of 0.1mm Speed at 40mm/s Infill of 20% Brim Enable Retraction Shell thickness of 1.2mm Is there any way to fix the problem? or any suggest on changing the setting in Cura? Thank you for your time
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