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  1. Hi Galaxy, At the moment I do not believe they have this function. The machine unloads for flexibility next time and the priming is to make sure the extruder can grab on when loading and unloading.
  2. If it is the bed that keeps acting strange the problem is in the motor. If the problem shifts to a different motor it is the stepper driver. I am not fully clear what you mean with the Y does not work.
  3. Could you try to change it with another steppermotor (so put the z axis in the slot of the x axis) and try if the z axis is the problem or the driver?
  4. The novamid CF is also really interesting. That stuf is super strong and super stiff. I just printed a clamp with it and it was impossible to even get it to budge.
  5. @cmosera thingiverse luckily is not that hard to learn. It works very intuitively and you do not have to download it.
  6. Have you tried to move it from the controller to check?
  7. I have no idea if this will change anything, but could you try to change the z seam position? This decides where it will start and stop a contour so this might work.
  8. I think there is a problem in your model. It also does not register at my pc. I found that it is super easy to "break" a model in sketchup by for example moving part of your model through itself. I would recommend using a different software if your main goal is 3D printing. Try tinkercad (easier) or fusion 360 (more complex)
  9. I would maybe print with an annealable material. These print super easy (like PLA) and by putting them in an oven (at 110 degrees) you will be able to anneal them. An example is the material below. I expect more brands to have this type of material (we even have our brand for example).
  10. Could you make a picture exactly from the front of the printer head. I am curious if your bracket still alines correctly? I would also contact your reseller.
  11. I do not think there is a setting for this. Maybe try to use the print sequence option (one at a time) and tweak this a lot to coop with the small tolerances? This in combination with loading them in as separte stl's might work, but i highly doubt it.
  12. Hi guys, I do not expect anyone to run into this problem, but wanted to share it anyway. Today I was repairing a printer of one of our customers, they build lettering for advertising. Their conductive sensor did not work anymore. After having ruled out everything and even having installed a new sensor I dissassembled the printing head looking for anything in the head responsible for the interference. Also this yielded no result, I was out of ideas, but just when I was about to give up and take the printer back for even more elaborate research I noticed a neon light behind the printer. What turned out the high frequency transformator that powers this neon lighting caused for interference. We turned of the lighting and all of a sudden everything worked perfectly again. So don't put neon lighting next to your printer😋.I do not expect it to help anyone since it is so specific, but I wanted to share it anyway. Kind regards, Job van Gennip
  13. Anyone? @SandervG do you maybe know this. I cannot seem to find this anywhere.
  14. Hi peeps, I was wondering if anyone knows what the maximum temperature is the CC core can reach. I mean max in a safe way btw:P. Hope to hear from someone. Kind regards, Job van Gennip
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