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  1. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    Could you try with 0,35 first this is the standard setting. And could you then post a picture of the result. Also print with skirt or brim
  2. Job_van_gennip

    3d scanner, what to buy?

    I have experience with both scan in the box (around 3000 euro high resolution scanning) and the 3D sense scanner (400 euro low resolution hand held scanning) and both of them work really well. It really depends on how much detail you want. If you want more than 1mm resolution never go for handheld scanners although they are easy to work with and ideal for big products they will not give high resolution scans. Scan in the box delivers the high resolution scanner with software, it does need some getting used to but we have had some amazing results with it up to 0.1mm resolution ideal for product reproduction.
  3. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    No you need to get a good value for this, normally it is 80% of your nozzle diameter or something. But this could cause impurities.
  4. Job_van_gennip

    Support hard to take off

    You can get the setting by clicking on the little gear wheel, here you can enable extra settings.
  5. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    Yeah if the bottom has the same problem it will probably have to do with the extrusion with
  6. Job_van_gennip

    Support hard to take off

    You have a support setting that decides the distance your support has between the prints. The higher this number the uglier your print gets but the easier it is to take away. Have you looked at the amounts.
  7. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    Have you tried printing them with a brim or skirt and seeing if you get the same problems?
  8. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    The setting look good, does it print the bottom right?
  9. Job_van_gennip

    Top layer fill issues

    Could you send me your settings? Especially the infill and top bottom thickness
  10. Could you post your settings? It looks like it is maybe extruding a little bit too much.
  11. Job_van_gennip

    Unable to swap print cores

    Have you taken out the material before trying to take out the print core? sometime the material has not retracted enough and is still stuck in the print core.
  12. Job_van_gennip

    Unable to swap print cores

    @Nicolinux Do you think it could be in wrong but still make contact well enough for the printcore to connect? Cause i assumed that was not possible and that is why i ignored the position of the print core.
  13. Job_van_gennip

    Unable to swap print cores

    are you squeezing the print core a little bit when you try to take it out? there is a spring in there that is supposed to keep everything in place. The reason printcore 2 is lower is because when it is the the heightened position the print core is blocked.
  14. But cant you just download the new version of your nvidia drivers (i guess it is nvidia)
  15. I also had this problem for a while and sometimes things like this helped temporarily, but for me updating the drivers of my graphics card was what truly did the trick. Of course it could be that your error came from another source.

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