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  1. I upgraded to the test firmware, and I have the same results.
  2. I upgraded the firmware to stable version I changed the AA printcore to AA/0.8. The same action occurs. The selection stays at AA/0.4 and does not switch to AA/0.8.
  3. Like I mentioned before, I would have tried my BB/AA .8 but, Cura doesn't let me select the BB/AA .8 when switched out from a .4. (That's another case I have open).
  4. I'm within those numbers for temperature and humidity. But, I used this as soon as I unwrapped it and that's how I got these results. So, the PVA was not laying around. After, the bed leveling and setup, I unwrapped it at that point. So, there was no time for it to develop any issue like that with such short time frame.
  5. I meant that last sentence to be the UM3 did not recognize the AA/BB .8 printcores.
  6. I tried the atomic pull. But, it did not appear to have additional filament in the printcore. I tried a few pulls.
  7. I replaced the AA/BB .4 with the AA/BB .8 and I get the same results. The UM3 recognized both AA/BB .8 printcores. I'm at a lost.
  8. I will try that tomorrow with the .4 BB. I swap it for a BB .8 but Cura does not switch it to BB .8 even though the UM3 recognizes it. But, I will try the .4 BB again tomorrow. thanks.
  9. I have a new UM3 and I used PVA in the #2 BB Printcore with the default settings. I did a print that was supposed to last 3 1/2 hours. The BB printcore extruded about 2-3 mm of height, PVA and then stopped extruding the material. I tried the print again, this time increased the default temperature up 10 degrees Celsius. This time it extruded about a height of 2 mm and stopped extruding. Again, both printcores are new. Both filaments used are Ultimaker NFC. It's the Natural PVA. I did the print with the PLA only, using PLA as the support....no issues. Any ideas?
  10. I have'nt replaced the 0.4 printcores yet because I'm getting the following error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpamx6p2wbpeeb3/UM3_Error.tiff?dl=0
  11. Yes, the printer sees that the NFC is present. And it labels each of the spools of material correctly. 1-PLA and 2-Natural PVA. Yesterday, I did a factory reset on the printer and put the AA/BB .4 back in. And I did a calibrate. It (Cura) recognizes the .4 AA and BB .4. I will try the .8 AA and BB tomorrow.
  12. Is there a trick to getting the nfc spool to get recognized. Also, I deleted the log, deleted the printer out of Cura. Then restored, it does the same thing. I even powered off the UM3 and repeated a few times. Still the same.
  13. I think this may be related, but it's not recognizing the nfc spool of UM pva. I select pva it doesn't like it. I select um natural pva and it doesn't like it. I'm at a loss.
  14. Ok. I'm currently at work. I will do that as soon as I get home. Thanks
  15. I did not see where I could upload a text (log) file so here is my dropbox link. Let me know if it works. Look at the 2100 time frames. (Thanks in advance). https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2hp04en6xrcmyo/cura.log?dl=0
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